The candidates and issues that appeared on Tuesday’s primary election ballot. An * denotes the incumbent. An X shows who or what received the most votes. MAHONING CO.



DemocratsSFlbXJohn A. McNally IV 3,292 YMatthew Smith 96 YJamael Tito Brown 3,142


DemocratSFlbXCharles P. Sammarone 4,906

GreenSFlbXSusie Beiersdorfer 42 YTerrance P. Esarco 8

Municipal Court

DemocratSFlbYElizabeth A. Kobly* NA



DemocratSFlbXMatthew M. Rhoads* 813

Council President

DemocratSFlbXHenry D. Franceschelli Sr.* 954

Council At Large

[3 to elect] DemocratsSFlbXRonald Mathews* 651 YMilton Gonzalez 380 XJoseph N. Rudzik 719 XMike S. Patrick* 710

1st Ward

DemocratSFlbXTony Fire* 143

2nd Ward

DemocratSFlbXCarol A. Crytzer 226

3rd Ward

Democrat XRobert D. Burnside* 213

4th Ward

DemocratSFlbXRobert D. Carcelli III* 359


YOUNGSTOWN A “community bill of rights” charter amendment making it unlawful for any person or entity to frack in the city. YYes 2,880 XNo 3,821

BOARDMAN SCHOOLS A 5.9-mill, 5-year renewal levy for current expenses. XFor the tax levy 1,882 YAgainst the tax levy 1,229

BOARDMAN SCHOOLS A 1.6-mill, 5-year replacement levy for permanent improvements. XFor the tax levy 1,556 YAgainst the tax levy 1,552

JACKSON-MILTON SCHOOLS A 4.9-mill, 5-year renewal levy to avoid an operating deficit. XFor the tax levy 598 YAgainst the tax levy 443

JACKSON-MILTON SCHOOLS A 0.9-mill, 5-year renewal levy for permanent improvements. XFor the tax levy 604 YAgainst the tax levy 446

POLAND SCHOOLS A 6.2-mill, 5-year renewal levy for emergency requirements. XFor the tax levy 1,607 YAgainst the tax levy 852

SPRINGFIELD SCHOOLS A 2-mill, 37-year additional bond issue for school construction, and a 0.5-mill, 23-year additional tax levy to pay for maintenance. XFor the bond/tax levy 1,391 YAgainst the bond/tax levy 885

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