No answer to terrible roads

No answer to terrible roads

I know the repaving job is al- ready started on New Buffalo Road. I did submit a letter to the county road engineer asking him why only half of our terrible road is going to be fixed. I never received response to my question.

Our road has been paved one time in 32 years. I remember about 15 years ago it was repaved completely. It has been a mess for at least the past five years. Now this time we are told that it will only be paved to Lynn Road. Why?

I remember paying taxes and extra for our automobile license plates, too. Who is getting our money? When I take my grandson for a walk in his stroller it is a job going around all of the potholes and the mountains of shabby road patches. Also not far from our house the road actually is rising up in the center so at that point I am walking at an angle. God forbid if our neighborhoods would have sidewalks to safely go for a walk on.

Why does the state of Ohio seem to have the worst roads in this country. We travel by car a lot and we know this is true. We should have beautiful roads that last a lot longer than they do. Are the paving jobs that costs the taxpayers millions of dollars being done in a cheap and inferior way, which is why within five years they are already falling apart?

Marian Beil, North Lima