Youth group goes hungry for good cause


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Members of the Canfield Presbyterian Church youth group who participated in a 30-hour famine to benefit people in need around the world, included, front, left to right, Eryn Willoughby, Catherine Brown, Julie Angelo, youth group leader and Lex Prindle. Back row, from left, Dylan Bowald, Isaac Bowald, Ben Brucoli and Andy Schrum. Not pictured is Paige Brucoli. ..


The Canfield Presbyterian Church youth group participated in a 30-hour famine April 26-27 to benefit people in need around the world.

The group worked in association with World Vision and collected donations which will be used in such countries as Ethiopia, Haiti and Somalia.

According to Julie Angelo, youth group leader, this is the second year the group has participated in the famine.

“We have seven kids participating. Five of them did it last year and we have two new participants. We have water and apple juice to drink,” Angelo said.

In addition to Angelo, Andy Schrum participated and helped supervise the group, which included Eryn Willoughby, Catherine Brown, Lex Prindle, Dylan Bowald, Isaac Bowald Ben Brucoli and Paige Brucoli.

The group participated in games and challenges throughout the 30 hours, which were designed to make the participants aware of how hungry people must continue to complete their daily responsibilities.

The group was broken up into tribes and were given scenarios to act out, such as carrying a heavy backpack during all games while weak from hunger.

“We do many games and challenges throughout the 30 hours and the last ones are always the hardest because the kids are so hungry and weak. Not only is this famine important to raise money for those in need, but it is also important to raise awareness that there is hunger everywhere, even in the U.S., and those people are hungry all the time but they still must do what they need to do,” Angelo said.

The group was also going to complete a service project by collecting trash during the second day of the famine.

“We wanted to do some physical activity and show the kids that they have to survive whether they are hungry or not. We also play dodge ball toward the end of the fast. The kids find it very hard to play,” Angelo said.

The group closed their 30-hour famine and celebrated their accomplishment with a dinner of pasta, meatballs, bread and salad prepared by Peggy Brucoli.

“We were advised to ease back into eating slowly with something that would not be hard on the kids’ stomachs, like greasy burgers or pizza, after not eating for so long. Thanks to Peggy Brucoli for helping us out with that,” Angelo said.

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