Career center throws Trash Bash


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Shown, from left, are Jukwala Lee (Boardman), Krystyna Reider (Boardman), Bridgett Eddy (Austintown), Linsy Shively (Austintown), Serena Kennedy (Austintown), Morgan Stickle (Boardman), Kaitlynne Butera (South Range), and Lexi Kays (South Range) after the Trash Bash fashion show April 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Kaitlynne Butera (left) and Lexi Kays, both from Austintown, wore outfits made from recycled lace and sheet music at the MCCTC Trash Bash April 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Morgan Stickle (left) and Alyssa Higgins created dresses from recycled upholstry fabric to wear at the Trash Bash April 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Caitlin Vance wore a dress made from the woven tape of old video tapes and coffee filters at the MCCTC Trash Bash April 22.


MCCTC hosted the sixth annual Trash Bash and Fashion show April 22 in honor of Earth Day. The Trash Bash featured a fashion show from students in the multimedia academy (graphic and visual arts), as well as a few from the child development classes.

“There are some truly amazing creations in this show,” said Mary Anne Thoburn, one of the teachers who organized the show. “The students spent about two weeks getting ready for the show and it really makes them focus on just how much they are really throwing away and the importance of recycling what they use.”

As part of the fashion show, all of the clothing worn was made out of recycled materials which the students had to collect. Dresses made from recycled lace and sheet music, CD skirts, and entire ensembles, jewelry included, made from old Panera gift cards were just a few of the materials seen in the show.

“There are so many cool things you can make out of other people’s trash,” said Melissa Hackett, the other teacher in charge of the show. “The students work so hard on these projects, from passing out flyers to looking for the materials they need to submitting fashion designs for the outfit they would like to make — all with a team of five students maximum. I think it really brings awareness to just how important it is to recycle and finding all the different things you could recycle. That’s what the Trash Bash show has always aimed to do.”

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