Both vulnerable. South deals.


xQ 5

uA Q J

vK Q 6 2

wA 5 4 2


xA K J 10 4 3 x9 7

u8 uK 10 2

v10 8 7 v9 5 4 3

wJ 7 6 wQ 10 9 3


x8 6 2

u9 7 6 5 4 3

vA J

wK 8

The bidding:


Pass 2S Dbl Pass

4H Pass Pass Pass

Opening lead: Ace of x (A from A K)

Here’s another hand from Eddie Kantar’s award-winning series “Thinking Bridge.”

South has the high-card strength for a Weak Two opening, but the suit is decrepit. West, on the other hand, has the kind of suit one dreams about for a Weak Two opening. North has a clear-cut double, and South can do no less than leap to four hearts. A three-heart response is far too timid. A nonjump response to a takeout double is made with 0-8 revalued points. A jump response shows 9-11 revalued points. Incidentally, a six-card suit in response to a takeout double clocks in for three extra points — at least.

West begins with three rounds of spades and dummy ruffs with the knave. If East overruffs, that is the last defensive trick. However, if East discards, two trump tricks are coming with the K 10 2 sitting over the blank ace-queen in dummy.

Before overtrumping an honor with an honor, ask yourself how many trump tricks are you entitled to if you don’t overtrump. If there is a chance that not overtrumping will produce an extra trump trick, discard.

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