A great way to travel

A great way to travel

Recently I was at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport when my sister caught a flight to Florida. What a pleasant experience. From the convenient and free parking to the food at Mikee’s to the relatively hassle free security screening I observed, I enjoyed the time there.

I always did like flying into and out of Youngstown Muny. I told my sister flying again might not be so bad. After flying several years ago from a large airport and not having too good of an experience, I feel that I could fly again and enjoy it.

So thanks to all the dedicated people working there, from the management to the girls at Mikee’s to the parking attendant.

With all the negative things about Youngstown, the airport is one of the Valley’s best assets. I hope it comes back to being a thriving airport again. The Youngstown area is still a great place to call home.

Stephen M. Thomas, Youngstown

Now is the time to save steel

In less than three months, steel as produced in the Youngstown-Warren plants will be nonexistent.

Mr. J. C. Betters will start to dismantle the Warren plant and sell it for scrap to the highest bidder, probably to some foreign company. At the same time another RG Steel company in Mingo Junction that has been bought by another low bidder for $20 million is looking for a buyer. The Mingo plant does not have a blast furnace, but it does have a $115 million electric arc furnace.

It is astonishing that there is no rally for steel in Ohio. Where are the steel workers’ unions? Does everyone think that the Utica Shale is the salvation of the Valley, or for economic growth in Ohio? Manufacturing must be brought back. Each manufacturing job creates two or three ancillary jobs. The math is inescapable.

The U.S. taxpayer was asked to “bail out” the banking and insurance industries. The “bailout” assisted GM and Chrysler to come out of bankruptcy. Why not steel in Ohio? Let’s spell it out: $780 billion was made available to save the above mentioned businesses. It would take less than 1.5 percent to make the steel industry in Ohio a force with which to be reckoned. The bridges that need repairing and the buildings that are needed for the future expansion calls for men of vision to step forward.

Governor, politicians, union workers, where are you? Now is the time. Do not stall.

Leonard J. Sainato, Warren

Bring back the Mill Creek rink

Now that the Ice Zone skat- ing rink in Boardman is slated to close in May, isn’t it about time that the Mill Creek Metropolitan Park commissioners consider rebuilding and reopening the ice rink at the Wick Recreation Area location?

As a kid, I remember skating on Lake Newport and on the flooded basketball courts in the park. Standing around the bonfire, meeting girls. It was great — and free.

Charge a small fee for open skating, rent it for parties, etc., but let’s have some place for the kids to skate and socialize.

Bob Bakalik, Youngstown