Teen Advisory Board sponsors duct tape fundraiser


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Brandy Stevens-Rosine’s family helped honor her memory by attending a duct tape fundraiser organized by the Boardman Library’s Teen Advisory Board March 13. Stevens-Rosine’s cousin Dean Stevens, back, was duct taped to the wall to raise funds to benefit a teen collection of library materials at the library in memory of Stevens-Rosine.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker .Dean Stevens volunteered to be duct taped to a wall at the Boardman Library to raise funds to honor his late cousin Brandy Stevens-Rosine. The library’s Teen Advisory Board, of which Stevens-Rosine was a member, held the event March 13.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.Dean Stevens, cousin of Brandy Stevens-Rosine, did stick to the to the wall of the Boardman library after being duct taped there to raise funds to honor the memory of Stevens-Rosine, a former member of the library‘s Teen Advisory Board.....



The Boardman Library’s Teen Advisory Board sponsored a Duct Tape Fundraiser in memory of Brandy Stevens-Rosine March 13. Stevens-Rosine, who lost her life last year, was a former member of the library’s TeenXTreme Teen Advisory Board and was well-liked by library teen librarians and fellow Teen Advisory Board members.

Kristyn Wolf, a Boardman High School junior and member of the Teen Advisory Board, remembered the positive influence Stevens-Rosine had on her.

“As I left my first Teen Advisory Board meeting, I wasn’t sure if I would come back because I was younger than all the other members. Then I saw Brandy outside of the library and she asked me why I hadn’t been back to a meeting and where I had been and said I needed to come back to the Teen Advisory Board. She encouraged me to join the board and she inspired me to become a member and I’m still here, several years later,” Wolfe said.

Dean Stevens, Stevens-Rosine’s cousin, volunteered for the fundraiser and was duct-taped to the wall of the Boardman Library. Donors purchased strips of duct tape to contribute to the event.

Several members of Stevens-Rosine’s family attended the event, along with members of the Teen Advisory Board. Everyone participated in taping Stevens to the wall with several rolls of duct tape. When everyone thought Stevens was sufficiently taped to the wall, the stool he had been standing on was removed and he did stick to the wall, much to the delight of the crowd, which let out a loud cheer.

According to Stevens-Rosine’s cousins Amanda Fanning and Tina Fanning, she was unique.

“Brandy was a very unique girl. She was an awesome person. This event is unreal. It was so kind of Dean to volunteer to donate his time. It’s just unbelievable,” Tina Fanning said.

“Brandy would do anything for anyone. She was always there for you. She was so kind-hearted,” Amanda Fanning said.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit a teen collection of library materials at the library in memory of Stevens-Rosine.

“Brandy was always smiling. She had an infectious smile. She always had great ideas for the board. She was a really awesome person,” Wolfe said.

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