Better days for the Mahoning

Better days for the Mahoning

As an advocate of our river, Friends of the Mahoning River would like to weigh in on recent news events. The Friends are made up of a diverse group of citizens that call the Mahoning Valley our home. We have been encouraged by the positive energy demonstrated by the community with respect to the river.

For example, the cooperation between citizens, government, and industry resulting in the announcement of a tentative award of $2.4 million to the village of Lowellville for the removal of the “Lowellville dam” and the contaminated sediments behind it. The success of this river restoration project is expected to be a catalyst for future dam removal along the Mahoning River. And with the restoration of the river comes recreational and economic benefits for the Mahoning Valley. For more information regarding this project, please contact the Friends at

Also in the news recently were the actions associated with Hard Rock Excavation and D & L Energy, and Ben W. Lupo; that is, the illegal discharge of waste water into a storm drain that flowed into the Mahoning River.

The emotionally charged public outcry demonstrates the Valley will not tolerate poor judgment and unethical behavior. We are saying no to pollution of waters within the Valley and yes to prosecution of the polluter(s) to the fullest extent of the law. Many thanks to the person(s) informing the authorities with respect to the illegal discharge, we appreciate your courage and conviction

The future of the Mahoning River looks bright now that we, as a community, have taken ownership. The true benefits will be realized as more people take advantage of this great resource we call the Mahoning.

Thomas M. Smith, Girard

Patricia March Natali, Youngstown

Efforts are wasted on city schools

The Youngstown City School District was once a very proud and successful school district, the envy of school districts in the Mahoning Valley and across the state of Ohio. That is not the case now. In order to give all the children of Youngstown an opportunity to be successful in school and in life, it is time to dissolve the Youngstown school district and split it up among surrounding suburban school districts of Boardman, Austintown, Canfield, Girard, Hubbard, Struthers, etc.

The State Commission now overseeing Youngstown schools has a responsibility to the taxpayers of Ohio and the parents of Youngstown to provide the children of Youngstown with the best opportunity for a better, more successful education.

After years and decades of failed school boards, superintendents, past state commissions, and tax levies and millions of state taxpayer dollars going into a failed financial and academic school district, this is not the time to just prop up a failed bureaucracy. It is not enough to place a Band-Aid on Youngstown’s problems and close a few schools. The state commission needs to dissolve and close down the Youngstown City School District.

Willie James Richards, Youngstown