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Campbell man gets 6 years for 10 years of sexually abusing stepdaughters

Published: Thu, March 28, 2013 @ 12:04 a.m.

By John W. Goodwin Jr.



A Campbell man will spend nearly seven years in prison for sexually abusing his stepdaughters over a 10-year period beginning in 2001.

Carvell Cecil, 38, of Moore Avenue, appeared Wednesday before Judge Lou A. D’Apolito of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court for sentencing on charges of gross sexual imposition, importuning, disseminating information harmful to a juvenile and public indecency.

Cecil is charged with the molestation of two girls beginning when each was 9 years old. The girls are the children of his wife.

Cecil pleaded guilty to the charges in January. He could have been sentenced to nearly 30 years behind bars.

Natasha Frenchko, an assistant county prosecutor, asked for 15 years in prison as part of the plea agreement.

“He is a sick individual, and for years, he abused his own stepchildren in their home. Home here was the most-dangerous place for these little girls,” Frenchko told the judge. “He must be stopped before he does this again or moves onto something worse.”

Judge D’Apolito handed down a 61/2-year sentence. Cecil will be given credit for the 140 days he has spent in Mahoning County jail waiting resolution of the case.

Cecil will also be required to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years.

During the sentencing hearing, Cecil’s wife, the mother of the girls, spoke on his behalf.

Darla Cecil told the court she still loves her husband but cannot be with the man because of her children. She said she believes her husband would benefit from counseling and should be allowed to be there for the three other children she and Cecil have in common.

Darla and Carvell Cecil married in 2004 in the middle of the time frame when prosecutors say Carvell Cecil was molesting the two girls.

Darla Cecil said she began seeking counseling for her husband as soon as she learned what had taken place. She said the marriage continued because she believed it was an isolated incident and the counseling was effective.

Frenchko said the abuse of the young girls continued even after Darla Cecil’s knowledge of what had taken place.

“She found out when the first girl was 13 years old, and he promised it would never happen again, and the two got married. A short time later, when the other daughter turned 9, the abuse began with her,” Frenchko said. “He is just a man who preys on kids.”

The Rev. Kenneth Paramore, pastor to the Cecil family, also spoke on behalf of Carvell Cecil. He said Cecil came to him seeking help for his problem before being arrested, and he began counseling the man.

The pastor asked the court for leniency, saying Cecil is “salvageable” and he believes Cecil would benefit from counseling. He told the court he is willing to provide Cecil with counseling.

“I deeply apologize for my actions. I am standing here embarrassed and upset that I caused a whole lot of grief,” Cecil said in a tearful statement to the judge.

Brian Tareshawty, representing Cecil, said he would not attempt to justify his client’s conduct, but asked the court for a sentence less than the 15 years requested by prosecutors.

“Some murderers don’t even get 10 to 15 years,” Tareshawty said. “He is not the monster [prosecutors] make him out to be.”


1steelwagon(284 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

The pastor asked the court for leniency, saying Cecil is “salvageable
Pastor with all due respect "You're either crazy,stupid or both'

And Mr Tareshawty since "He's not the monster the prosecuter has made him out to be I'm sure you won't mind him living with you and your family after he's been released from this outrageously short sentence....

If you have young children I'm sure you'll trust him around your kids because you're every bit as nuts as the pastor!!!!
And to you your honor I'd like to know if these were your own family members this trash sexually abused for 10 years would you feel his sentence was enough time ?

The so called justice system doesn't seem to learn that you can not "salvage" what's completely rotten to the core!!!

“Some murderers don’t even get 10 to 15 years,” Tareshawty said.
So what !!!
There is nothing worse or more despicable than a child molester and the damage and harm they cause to the most innocent of victims.

Of course no one but a lawyer would dispute that !!
Hang all child molesters and any scumbag who hurts innocent children!!!

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2misslady(20 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Shame on this mother for allowing this to happen to her kids " She found out when the girl was 13 and he promised it will never happen again" we are to protect our kids yet she still married this bum and had 3 other kids knowing this was going on, to many innocent children here I would want justice served for my children and 6 years is not enough

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3kathyg(6 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

I have not had time to read all comments,however , is anyone as upset as I am that too much information was leaked about the girls identity? Just in case some people had no idea what was going on , lets make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows now. It's disgusting enoiugh that it went on for all those years with Mom's knowlege and she decided marrying him was the solution.. I hope the girls move as far away as they can from mom, him and the neighborhood.They deserve so much better.Also to all who may have suspected something not too wholesome was going on in that household...do the right thing next time . Call social services, report your suspicions. Keep calling until they do something about it.Call the cops.Continue to voice your concerns. Don't wait untl the law is called in because there is another child lying in a home dead or damaged.

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4msdaisy6(3 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

1st of all the mother that allowed this to happen should be also sent to prison. These are her children & she knew Carvell had molested one of her daughters & never reported it, & took his word that he would never do it again... She deserves to rot in prison,!!!! She had the opportunity to put a stop to it years ago...! With her knowing what he was capable of, she married him anyway & then had 3 children by him... Darla Cecil needs to go to prison & dont deserve to have any of her children. How could a mother willingly allow this to continue on for all these years???? She's just as sick as he is.... She sacrificed her children, & justice needs to be served !!!

As for Carvell Cecil: He plead guilty to molesting & several other charges since 2001.... He has been committing these crimes for the last 12 years!!!!! 6 1/2 years definitely isnt enough time!

His girlfriend, now wife had an opportunity to seek help for him when it first happened. And the pastor says he salvagable!!!! In what way???? He kept on doing it after his wife found out about it... He only came to his pastor when he got caught & was facing prison time... It was too late, those girls had been tramatized for 12 years too many!!!! He would have continued on to his next child!

How does a pastor speak on the behalf of a person like this....?????

Pastor Kenneth Paramore: My opinion, u shouldve stayed out of this one! I am sickened by your invovlment in this case! Carvell, his wife, & those 2 young ladies are all members of ur church & u had the nerve to defend Carvell's 12 year molestion spree!!! Ive heard you critcize gays, ive even heard you tell the congregation that if they didnt give a tithing offering they didnt love God! I suppose you, Carvell, & his wife do??? What are you teaching your congregation? How do you expect to be respected in this community? Did you even read all the charges that he plead guilty to? All 3 of you are SICK individuals! You & his sick wife spoke up fighting for Carvell, who's fighting for those children??? You should be removed from your position as Pastor, & should never be allowed to hold a position as such ever again!!!!

I will never ever attend your church again

As for the judge: u were given your position to do just that... Make a judgement!!! You didnt do a very good job!!! 6 1/2 years???? He will be free at the age of 42 & will do this again! He had no mercy on those girls, why did u have mercy for him????

The attorney did his job, defended his client!

Carvell Cecil, Darla Cecil, Kenneth Paramore, & the attorney all fit in the same category as far as im concern....

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5msdaisy6(3 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Bottom line Darla should be sent to prison as well! Never did she come to the defense of her children... No one did besides the prosecutor! The mother of those girls basically chose her husband over her children. Everyone who knew what Carvell was capable of & did nothing to try to prevent this from happening will rot in hell right along with him...! & they to should be prosecuted for knowing about it & not coming forward & protecting those girls. Then Darla had more babies for him... Who's to say those other two little girls werent his victims? Its just terrible that a father would do this, but its crazy that their mother allowed it.... Very cold, heartless, & cruel couple hiding behind their religion!!!! Ministers & Christians/ Religious people covering up criminal activity... They preach about these things all the time but stood up in court defending that dirt bag. As you can see Kenneth Paramore allowed the devil to use him but he's perfect right??? He criticizes so many people, & all you hear in his congregation doing is praising what he says... Get some backbone!!! He talked about sitting people down because they didnt tithe, sit him down & kick him out! He's leading people to hell!!!!! Wake up people! Please!!!!!!! Prosecute & send Darla Cecil to prison & give those children some justice! Proven fact, she's not capable of protecting them, so who will...????

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6lovedrama(139 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Is this pastor a legal expert when it comes to counseling sexual offenders, let alone pedophiles? They need a tough approach, not someone who defends them and falls for their manipulation. The pastor, the dude who's a pedophile and his stupid wife are complete idiots. Poor kids.

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7manup1(2 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago


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8disgusted1985(2 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

I am utterly appalled. I cannot begin to fathom what these women are dealing with now. He completely took away there innocence, no prison sentence will get that back for them.

As f Carvell, he is a freak. I remember him being a co-worker of mines in 2003, I had an incident with him that ultimately led to his termination in which he revealed his private parts to me, and began to pleasure himself in front of me on lunch break. This man is sick. I've known his immediate family for years. His mother has always condoned her childrens wrong-doings and now look she raised a monster. I'm sure this behavior began when he was in his teens and continuosly got swept under the rug. Well now its all out in the open and he gets a smack on the wrist. Tarashawty stated murderers dont get 15 year sentances. Well victims of child molesters are get lifetime sentences of pain. I don't know which is worse.

Darla, you disgust me. Your a terrible excuse for a mother. I don't care how many praise and worship groups you sing in, how many commitees you sit on in chuch or how many cakes you bake, you are a wolf in sheeps clothing, any woman that would sit back and allow her children yo be hurt in this manner is just as guilty as the individual that did it. What really pisses me off is you still slept in a bed with a man that had sex with.your babies. Round of applause, Darla. All your children need placement witb a mother that cares. You deserve to sit and jail with your husband. You probably will sit on ice until hes home in six years unchanged and gets your other daughters. You honey, are dispicable.

Pastor Paramore, smh. I am really confused regarding your involvement in this case. I understand the code of confidentiality, but when it involves a child that should go out the window, Carvell continued to sing in the choir and participate in other ministries. He should have been say down indefinitely. I really question the morality of the church in which I belong and pay my tithes to. I'm deeply hurt by this. I feel no justice was served in this case.

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9RealMan(4 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Manup1 Aint nobody personally retaliating against your family, you have to be stupid or blind if you think other people don’t feel the same way, they just haven’t found their way to this comment board to say it. A family full of clergy knew that Carvell molested that older girl before he and Darla were married, and they didn’t turn him in or do anything to help those girls. Get mad at me and call me coward or whatever you want, I don’t need to have some fake meeting with your family to tell you what you already know. You let a monster run around and hide in your sight and you did nothing about it. Getting him to turn himself in after he was caught is bullcrap, how about turning him in when it first happened long before it got this far that is what law enforcement is supposed to do then maybe your family could have prevented it from happening to the second girl if you would have done something. Aint no fake meeting to air grievances can fix that, its your family that is cowardly for not doing something with your pedophile relative before it got to this point.

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10msdaisy6(3 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

I agree with RealMan.... This could have been prevented!!!! He didnt just start showing signs of this kind of behavior! Like Disgusted1985 stated he has done this & has been terminated from his employment.His wife knew about that also! His family knew this was going on and kept it under the rug to protect their image!!! Very sad!!!

I dont get how Paramore did what Jesus would do... ?

Your brainwashed, & crazy right along with the others!

I hope when Carvell is released from prison his family steps up & prevents him from damaging his other 2 daughters... Because Darla is going to take him back, guaranteed!!!!

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11disgusted1985(2 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Darla needs to be charged with child endangerment. How does she get to keep her children with this type of reputation. She obviously is not mentally sound if she believed these lies Carvell told her. Who marries a child molester??? Really... only someone just as sick and twisted. What purpose will he serve in her life now? None but yet and still she will stay. Sick twisted individual.

Im sure Carvells extended family will wash there hands of him with this nonsense being brought to them. To be perfectly honest they are fully aware of the freak he is, and have began cutting ties long ago im sure.

Im hoping, Darla gets punished because she surely deserves it.

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12manup1(2 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

@realman yeah you know everything that goes on in that family, you're completely in the loop! As I said why use this as a platform to slander. Be. Christian and tell them what problems you have with them personally. Just because you didn't know all that went on doesn't mean nothing was done! Stop slandering them. You're a coward! As for the pastor, Jesus always has mercy on sinners including you!

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13Settingitstraight(1 comment)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

@REALMAN....its more like REALWOMAN. And for setting the record straight this is for everyone who is posting on this with a judgmental eye. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE. Folk got a lot of nerve having ANYTHING to say at the end of the day there are no little sins or BIG sins. SIN is SIN. and we all have them. No you might not be a child molester but you cuss like a sailor, you might not cuss like a sailor but you smoke, drink or get high, maybe you are a murderer or a thief or maybe like everyone who has commented on this status, YOU ARE A BUSYBODY in another man's affairs!! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and keep yo mouth off of folks!! Be not fooled, it is only the grace of GOD that none of you have lost your mind and committed such a crime. If God would let any of our minds become reprobate what could we say but what Carvel said...I'M SORRY. I thought that the bible said forgive a person if he asks you seventy times seven. And have we forgotten the woman found in adultery.....Jesus could have condemned her but he didn't He WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE...Oh so I guess all of you are without sin.... And the sad part is I am a sinner and have to say this to remind some CHURCH FOLK about the principles of THEIR GOD!!! Now how ironic is that!! Leave this woman and this man and this family alone. He has been sentenced and if it was you who could pass judgement YOU would have been the one God used to JUDGE the case. NOW REAL MAN if you WERE a REAL MAN you wouldn't be hidding behind words....Maybe if you got rid of them OVARIES and grew a pair of NUTS you wouldn't have to hide. Since you got so much to say ...WHAT IS YOUR REAL IDENTITY "REAL MAN" ...........I'm listen...yeah that's what I thought Just another punk ass ni**a who can't do shyt but talk!!! Now lets deal with Rev Paramore. SIR you were what the bible calls a GOOD SHEPHERD.... You left the 99 to try to save the one that was lost!!! CARVEL is the one that is LOST!! Yall church folk kill me trying to kill the preacher like HE GOD!! He is made of the same flesh and blood as you and me. But I tell you this much yall CHURCH folk don't sound saved to me tearing each other down!! Then wonder why yall ain't got no power. Always trying to cast out demons...NEWS FLASH devils cant cast out devils!! And @disgusted 1985 you are definitely a see through female who again got a lot to say behind a smoke screen!! Didn't nobody hold a gun to your head and force you to go to that church or pay your tithes there. You did that all by yourself unless "GOD LEAD YOU THERE" in which case you walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT....Yeah go look in the mirror. Check ya self!! ANYBODY can talk SHYT in the SHADOWS!! I'm not even saved and I got more holy ghost to know to PRAY FOR THE MAN!!!! As far as Mrs Cecil. SHE needs prayer right now now condemnation. Has anyone asked the question what has this woman been through that psychologically she didn't make a more sound decision? NO....That's what I thought!! Yeah get at me!

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14janeyblue(227 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

@man up so your Jesus would want this pos to carry on raping little girls and the village idiot preacher to cover it up? Shows where your brain is. So far up your arose you spew crap.
Charge the mother she is as guilty as the pervert she defends.

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15xsus1961(1 comment)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

As I read all these comments my heart is heavy for those girls. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in a house where your stepfather can have his way with you, your mother has complete knowledge, you have to go to school or whatever daily activities you have all the while replaying in your mind what has yet happened yet again. I thank God that my daughters never had to endure such pain growing up and I pray for not only these girls but all children that are victims. The silent victims we call them they need someone to fight for them because they cant fight for themselves.

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16RealMan(4 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

So settingitstraight comes here to get me told and call me names when he did what everyone else did. Log into this forum and speak your mind without using your real name.

I didn't slander. Carvell is a molester, Darla knew and spoke up for him even though he raped her little girls. All those men I named are clergy, they all family. they all knew before now that Carvell molested the oldest girl, and none of them turned him in. Slander would mean I lied about all or part of that. If my name is Dukes of Hazzard what I said is still true all day long. And if you say I got 10 ovaries and camel hump its still true. So you didn't set nothing straight you just called a bunch of names to draw attention away from the facts. which makes you nothing and don't mean nothing. That's what the family been doing running the other way yelling fire so people turn from the facts.

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17Zamalia(2 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

I cried for 2 days when I heard about this. Why did I cry? I cried because the pieces came together and things that seemed weird and off to me about this "family" clicked and suddenly made sense. Why the oldest daughter seemed so sad and depressed every Sunday. Why Carvell made me uneasy.

That Darla knew and did nothing makes me ill. That she basically served her daughters on a platter to keep a man in her bed makes me wish charges were brought against her.

I am a former member of Tri-C and for all of Paramore's faults and my personal reasons for leaving -- in a million years I would not have guessed he'd come to the defense of a pedophile who raped young girls. His daughter epitomizes "daddy's girl". How could he defend the very behavior he would have killed had it been directed at his own.

He knew when the oldest girl told Darla and he didn't stop this then. They requested counseling. We just were not aware why. We didn't ask because counseling sessions are confidential.

Now that I know I see how every safety net that was supposed to be there for these girls failed them and I want to scream! I want them indicted!

My soul hurts and my heart is broken. If this is Tri-C's version of Jesus then I haven't run far or fast enough to get away from it. Jesus would have allowed justice to prevail and Carvell would have gotten all of his years. Then "Pastor" Paramore could pray for his immortal soul. I'm not sure how his daughter ranks more protection than these girls. He should have reported this years ago, but instead he helped keep it quiet too. You best believe that while it may not be my place to "judge" God will judge this harshly.

Matthew 25:45

45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

Jesus would have protected these girls. PERIOD.

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18PlainAndSimple(4 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

Since I am not a religious person and I dont hang on every little word in the Bible, I am not going to sit here and quote bible verses and then say things like "Jesus would have protected these girls". WHAT does that even MEAN??? Jesus would have protected these girls. WELL, if you truly are a Christian, then you just contradicted your OWN religion by saying that. You cant sing "He Lives!" one moment, and then say what YOU think Jesus would have done had he hypothetically been there and able to protect these girls. That simply doesnt make sense!
I also do not buy into the idea that sin is sin and there is no such thing as a little sin or a big sin. If one guy steals a loaf of bread to feed his children, and another guy rapes children, the ONLY thing they have in common is that they can BOTH be labelled sinners. As far as the level and degree of EVIL that it took to commit those two sins though, I think any idiot can see there is a HUGE difference in the two individuals MORALS. You can quote Bible verses until you are blue in the face but MY OPINION is that raping a baby is worse than stealing a loaf of bread. Any religion that says otherwise is not a suitable religion for me.
I am NOT perfect myself and I dont wish anything bad on anybody. Carvell committed a crime, I believe he is sorry for doing it, AND equally sorry that he got caught doing it. Society has a legal system in place and the Judge decided he will spend 6 1/2 years in prison. Those 6 1/2 years will NOT be EASY time for him, and his life will not be the same when he is released either. Some people want him to serve more time and they are entitled to their own opinion and they can WANT whatever they desire. If the want to actually be able to sentence a person like Carvell to more time, then I would tell those people to "GO TO LAW SCHOOL AND WORK UNTIL YOU BECOME A JUDGE!"
As a member of society, I would like to see the mother of the children charged for the laws she broke as well. If 12 other members of society feel that she broke these laws and decide to find her guilty, then a judge will sentence her as well.
And lastly, to the children, the victims, the only individuals in the whole story who deserve our sympathy, I would like to say, We are sorry this happened to you. In a perfect world, things like this wouldnt happen to anyone. But in this world, all of the people around you who DID know, starting with your mother, FAILED to help you. Now you will live your life with a deep scar, and it is NOT your fault. You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. You were the victim, but you do not have to continue to be the victim. You have a lot of life remaining and life is what you make of it. Stand up, be strong, take back control of your own life, and LIVE.

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19Zamalia(2 comments)posted 3 years, 4 months ago

@plainandsimple I was responding to those above who were saying Paramore was on the right side of this by asking for leniency.

I am far from devout, but I do believe that if you know something like this is going on you are responsible to see that it stops. Period. I am saying to those who are devout that before you spout off about Jesus and forgiveness where Carvell is concerned you MUST recognize that Jesus would not have allowed it to continue. So if you are playing the WWJD card then they failed miserably by choosing to protect the monster over the innocent. He got 6 1/2 instead of 16 because his wife and Pastor asked for leniency. No one but the prosecutor pressed for justice for these children.

I agree Darla should be charged and tossed under the jail. How she still has her kids is beyond me. And I also agree that these children were failed at every turn by those who should have protected them.

You are also correct in saying that as a community we need to let them know this is not their fault and the embarrassment and shame should rest solely on the head of their mother, stepdad, and Pastor.

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20LtMacGowan(714 comments)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

Everyone deserves a legal defense and his attorney did what he was supposed to do. Aggressively advocate for his client. More than likely the plea bargin was accepted because there may not have been enough evidence to gain a conviction on every charge, or they did it spare the victims from having to relive the events during cross examination during trial.

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21uptowngirl(139 comments)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

The mother must bear some of the responsibility for letting this go on. The mothers almost always know--the children tell them but, the mothers believe the abusers. It is a mother's job to protect her children and this mother did not. Sad. Another Dr. Phil show in the making.

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22jfgiancola(177 comments)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

Seven years for molestation? He is “salvageable”? Really?? IMO this man should die, but the ONLY way he should be released would be to remove his genitals and place him on house arrest with an ankle bracelet.

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23LtMacGowan(714 comments)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

Its common practice to charge some one with as many crimes as can possibly support the charges, this way you have 5-6 charges, you have a higher chance of getting 2-3 to stick, it also increases your bargaining power when you tell the defendant he s looking at 30 years (all 6 charges combined, even though its unlikely you d get a conviction on all 6) so they take a plea for 7 years. Also if as so many of you have insisted going for the maximum sentence it would require these girls to testify in open court, to recount word for word what happened to them in front of everyone, and their alleged abuser. What happens if they can't do it? or they crumble on the stand. The guy could walk free on all charges. is that what you want?

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24PlainAndSimple(4 comments)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

I dont think the main issue here is that Carvell only got 6 1/2 years. I think the REAL outrage is that the girls mother KNEW and didnt do anything! We know for a FACT that she knew about it all from YEARS ago, so that alone should be enough to charge her. Either charge her for child endangerment or SOMETHING. The community wants to see this "mother" punished for what she allowed to happen to her children. Carvell is doing his time. 6 1/2 might not seem like a big number, but it is definitely going to be a rough 6 1/2 years. Child molesters are the MOST HATED people in prison. Drug dealers, bank robbers, murderers, and EVERYBODY ELSE hate the child molesters. As far as the length of the prison sentence, it was a plea deal. That means it was a compromise. That means confess BEFORE trial and they will not give you the max sentence. I would rather do 10 years as a bank robber than 3 years as a child molester! But yes, the mother should definitely get to do some years of her own for what she allowed to happen.

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25lovely49(1 comment)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

I cannot believe what I am reading. What is wrong with the courts systems today in this world. Any person who would molest any children let alone their own. they should get the deaf penalty. Those poor little girls are going to be scared for the rest of their lives. And why wasn't the mother locked up as well. She knew about it and still married this pervert. How can anyone defend a horrible person like that. Her children should be taken away from her, and then ask that he is allowed to be around the children they have together. There is something wrong with this picture. And for the pastor to say this man just needs counseling is not what he needs. He needs to be punished more than what he is getting. It is horrifying what these little girls are going through. And they probably want to know why and how could their mother allow him to do this and still marry this man. lost for words.

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26Bman(151 comments)posted 3 years, 3 months ago

I agree: deaf penalty all the way.

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