South Side standoff ends peacefully

Neighbors not surprised by incident at South Side home

By John W. Goodwin Jr.


Police today still are trying to sort out what led to an hourlong standoff Wednesday at a home in a South Side neighborhood.

But neighbors said they were not surprised by the afternoon disturbance at 640 Mabel Ave., saying the man and woman who live there are known for fighting each other.

Police said they were sent to the address by an anonymous 911 call about a disturbance at 12:30 p.m. Officers arriving on the scene learned there were three people in the house, but no one was coming out.

Initially, officers were told a woman and child inside the house were being held captive by a man believed to be the child’s father.

About an hour later, the woman and a 4-year-old boy, wearing no coats or shoes, came out of the house escorted by police.

They were placed in the back of a police car while officers maintained a perimeter around the house.

The woman told officers that she wasn’t threatened.

Police ultimately took 30-year-old James Hendrix into custody. He was taken out of the house while loudly saying he did not do anything wrong.

He was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant from another jurisdiction; however, no charges have yet been filed in relation to Wednesday’s standoff.

Neighbors, none of whom wanted to be identified, said altercations at the house are a regular occurrence.

One man who lives a short distance from the house said he does not understand why Hendrix and the woman do not separate because of all the fighting.

“He will jump on her, or she’ll jump on him, and sometimes someone will even go to jail. ... I don’t know why he doesn’t leave that girl alone and get away from there,” the man said.

Another neighbor said she has seen the couple involved in altercations outside the house in the past, but they seem to make up quickly and then fight again.

“They fight all the time. We call them the ‘fighters on the street,’” the woman said. “She has called the cops on him so many times. I have just been waiting on something crazy like this to happen.”

Police reports show several domestic-violence reports against Hendrix involving the woman from Wednesday’s altercation, and another woman, going back to 2004. Police have also arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana.

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