Marriage licenses

Anthony Boatwright, 64, of 2756 Whites Mill Road, Decatur, Ga., and Linda M. Leffridge, 62, of 420 Gresham Drive, Stockbridge, Ga.

Jason M. Belanger, 31, of 5503 Kennedy Road, Lowellville, and Kristian M. Davis, 28, of 27 John St., Struthers.

Eric R. Olsen, 35, of 53 Matta Ave., Youngstown, and Victoria L. Dixon, 22, of same.

Thomas W. Connolly II, 41, of Boardman, and Janice L. Wilson, 37, of same.

Scott A. Smith, 51, of 3160 Pine Hollow Drive, Youngstown, and Pamela J. Zipnock, 51, of same.

Stephen M. Mercer, 26, of 2038 Hidden Lake Drive, Unit A, Stow, Ohio, and Kristin J. Natalina, 24, of 1619 Fountain Square Drive, Austintown.

Frederick L. Hicken Jr., 43, of 9909 Struthers Road, New Middletown, and Jennifer L. Mason, 40, of 4775 Tree Line Trail, New Middletown.

New complaints

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. James F. Dagnan et al, foreclosure.

Spice of India Restaurant Inc. v. Tzarnas Family Co. LLC, money.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Michael G. Libb, money.

Mike Kohut v. Mary E. Chappell, money.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Nicholas Krinos, money.

US Bank NA v. Jamie L. Myers et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. David D. Andrews et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Rosemary Billock et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Takisha M. Wannamaker et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Andrew J. Kosmo et al, foreclosure.

Morris J. Perry Sr. v. Sean P. Knepper et al, money.

Marion Plaza Inc. v. Andberco Inc. et al, money.

Spotsylvania Mall Co. v. Sweet Candy LLC, money.

McDonald Plaza LLC v. Don Rihel et al, money.

Cafaro Management Co. v. Andberco Inc. et al, money.

Gerry Walker v. Thyssenkrupp et al, money.

Ohio Hail Relief LLC v. Sadie Jackson, money.

Nelson W. Loga Jr. v. Marty Sisk, money.

Michael A. Frasca v. Jeffrey Stychno D.C., money.

Vrable V Inc. et al v. Mary J. Trimacco, money.

Raeann DeCecco et al v. Thomas F. Ronald et al, money.

Kimberly Fyock et al v. Brownstone Construction LLC et al, other torts.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Estate of Margaret Marrow, deceased et al, foreclosure and transfer of title.


State v. Anthony Linker, pleads guilty. (Correction)

State v. Ronald L. Pyles Jr., sentenced to three years on count one and 10 years on count three, and to register as a sex offender.

State v. George L. Washington, sentenced to 18 months on count one, three years on count two and one year on counts three and four, to be served concurrently.

State v. George L. Washingon, pleads guilty.

State v. George Washingon, sentenced to four years in prison on count one and three years on count two to be served concurrently to each other and to two other cases.

State v. Anthony Sabino, sentenced to three years’ community control through APA.

State v. Ronald Stickle, sentenced to three years’ community control through APA.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Dennis P. McCabe, order of payment.

Bank of America NA v. William T. Wilson Jr. et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Timothy Weingart et al v. Brandee Bellino et al, order of magistrate.

Christopher J. Spencer v. James S. Mamonis Sr. et al, dismissed.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Jesse G. Hardin et al, order of sale withdrawn.

Charles W. Partee Jr. v. Arby’s Resturant et al, order of magistrate.

Michael J. Urbanek v. Charles W. Hickerson et al, dismissed.

Bank of America NA v. Christopher P. Kerby et al, order of magistrate.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Valentino R. Gennaro et al, foreclosure.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Steve Harper Jr. et al, order of magistrate.

David E. Crook v. Stacey Clarett et al, order of magistrate.

Donna J. Olenick v. PSP Stores LLC, An Ohio LLC, default judgment.

Grange Mutual Casualty Co. v. Jamelle L. Square, judgment for plaintiff.

Dolores S. Woods v. Giant Eagle Inc., order of magistrate.

RS Eckert Co. v. APJL Consulting LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Household Realty Corp. v. Anna Samonas et al, foreclosure.

Domenick Albergo et al v. City of Youngstown Property Maintenance et al, order of magistrate.

Everbank v. Jaquelyn D. Drake et al, judgment entered.

James Frankland et al v. Ramona L. Wade et al, dismissed.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Jennifer Luc, judgment for plaintiff.

Midland Funding DE LLC v. Loretta Opencar, judgment for plaintiff.

Emma Hosford v. Jonathan A. Glass, judgment for plaintiff.

Huntington National Bank v. Scott Schulte et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Sara Feltner v. Stephanie Sattarelle, magistrate’s decision adopted.

Alonda James v. Saron Tapscott, order of magistrate.

Alonda James v. Allenna Heriot, order of magistrate.

Estalita Watson v. Raylin Blunt, order of magistrate.

Estalita Watson v. Erica Morris, order of magistrate.

Coleridge A. King Jr. v. Betty Myers, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Agnes C. Porisi to Cathy Chance et al, Yorkshire Boulevard, Youngstown, $68,000.

Ina J. Reesh to William Bidwell, Bent Willow Court, Austintown, $6,000.

Fannie Mae to Jose Ortiz et al, Appleridge Circle, Youngstown, $118,000.

Joseph J. Barko et al to Col-Van Properties LLC, Kirk Road, Austintown, $10,000.

Home Savings and Loan Co. to Thomas V. Metzinger et al, Linden Place, Canfield, $26,900.

Jacqueline Lynch to Charles D. Cammock et al, Twin Oaks Court, Canfield, $210,000.

James T. McGuffin et al to Michael Malloy et al, Hummingbird Hill, Poland, $232,000.

John Gonda et al to Michael Meblski et al, Colleen Drive, Boardman, $110,000.

Jennifer L. Arnold et al to Raymond Leifko, Southern Blvd., Youngstown, $38,000.

Alan R. Harper et al to Katherine Tkach, West Blvd., Unit 106D, Youngstown, $43,000.

Amber R. Reynolds et al to Bobbie J. Buzzard, South Edgehill Avenue, Austintown, $53,000.

Pedro G. Rios to Niki D’Atri Enterprises, North Blaine Avenue, Youngstown, $16,000.

Terry K. Ours et al to Butch Schutte, Wirt Street, Youngstown, $20,000.

Stonecrest Investments LLC to Darrell Parry, Juanita Avenue, Youngstown, $2,972.

Sofia G. Marian et al to Joan Flen, Sanderson Ave., Campbell, $22,000.

John M. Koullias et al to Gordon L. Bourgerie, Blossom Avenue, Campbell, $77,900.

Raymond Rue to Michael A. Dowdy Sr., Norwood Avenue, Youngstown, $2,500.

Olmstead Properties LLC to Tom A. Mole, East Avondale Avenue, Youngstown, $10,000.

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