Gregg’s Gardens gets $10K from Trumbull 100 group

Staff report


The Warren-based volunteer group Gregg’s Gardens ( has received $10,000 from the philanthropy group Trumbull 100 — the largest gift Gregg’s Gardens has received to date.

In 2012, Gregg’s Gardens converted 22 vacant lots in Warren to wildflower and native plant gardens, also with the support of Trumbull 100. The goal for 2013 is to convert more than 100 gardens in a 22-block neighborhood in the center of the city bordered by Atlantic Street on the north, Elm Road on the east, High Street on the south and Park Avenue on the west.

The proposed “Garden District” now contains nearly 90 vacant lots, and an additional 60 houses are likely to be demolished by the city this year.

“Our goal is to facilitate opportunities and provide leadership for projects that enhance the quality of life in Trumbull County, and this project will certainly do that,” said Diane Sauer, president of Trumbull 100.

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