Pastor to parents at funeral: ‘This is a wake up call’

Pastor to parents at funeral: ‘This is a wake up call’


The Rev. Phillip Shealey said he knew he wouldn’t make everyone happy with the eulogy he gave Monday morning at the funeral of Daylan T. Ray, 15, one of the six teens who died in a car crash March 10.

“Our children need us more now than ever. They don’t need you to sit in church. They need you to bring them to church,” he said.

He said parents need to stop “petting” their children, stop watching them misbehave and think it’s cute, the way we did when our children were 2 years old, and stop trying to be their friends.

“I got news for you. Everybody not going to heaven. There’s a place called hell. If you don’t train your children at home, the street will.”

The Rev. Shealey, who was pastor to Ray, said something has to be done our “we’ll be looking at caskets week after week after week.”

He added, “I know you don’t want to hear this, but it is the truth. God allows things to happen for a reason. This is a wake up call.”

The last of six funerals is Tuesday.

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