Next YSU president should be given just two housing choices

Next YSU president should be given just two housing choices

I know that the powers that be at YSU are actively searching for a new president. I think before that even happens, they should make one change in the next President’s contract. As a YSU alumna I am compelled to share a money saving tip before they even start looking.

There was one building that was built where the Clingan-Wadell Hall used to be on Rayen Ave. It became Penguin Place to house President Cochran. That was supposed to be the president’s residence for him and future presidents. He resigned and that building stood idle until it was turned into offices for about four people.

This past spring and summer the landscaping was not taken care of at all. No trimming or weeding or pruning. Nothing. (In the winter an outside contractor is clearing the driveway). This building appears to be going in the way of its ugly stepsister, Clingan-Wadell (which is now located on Fifth Avenue housing the YSU police).

Now the Wick-Pollack House that was renovated specifically to be the president’s residence sits empty (while YSU pays for its utilities and upkeep). Beautiful but idle.

So, my recommendation is a simple one: the new contract should state that YSU provides housing on campus to the president, Wick-Pollack House or Penguin Place. Take your choice. He/she doesn’t want to live there, fine. Then they provide their own housing. Non-negotiable. Period.

I think when YSU builds/renovates buildings for the president’s residence then the president should live there. This is not rocket science folks. If the YSU board follows through with this housing tip, maybe the new president won’t have to announce another tuition increase thus seeing enrollment drop!

Kate McAllen, Youngstown