Marriage licenses

Kevin A. Lewis, 42, of 1616 Squaw Creek Drive, Girard, and Michelle R. Griffin, 41, of same.

Vernon P. Biles, 35, of 1290 Roberts Ave. NW, Apt. 135, Warren, and Amy L. Dennison, 29, of 2080 S. Feederle Drive, Warren.

Dennis R. Gould, 41, of 204 W. Third St., Niles, and Kandi L. Malcomson, 32, of same.

Todd A. First, 47, of 1161 Gold St., Masury, and Sherri E. Rankin, 41, of 512 Harley Way, Sharon, Pa.

Stephen L. Edie, 37, of 3799 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, and Amber E. Knight, 26, of same.

Larry D. Simpson Jr., 39, of 845 Homewood Ave., Warren, and Jameka M. Taylor, 30, of same.

Joshua L. Dominick, 21, of 25 Colonial Drive, Liberty, and Milissa G. Kolat, 18, of same.

William A. Bowser, 71, of 37 Mahoning Court, Unit A, Newton Falls, and Marilyn R. Myers, 57, of same.

Michael A Bartlett, 27, of 2311/2 N. Center St., Newton Falls, and Laura J. Woodyard, 30, of same.

Joshua J. Csanyi, 27, of 160 Belmont Ave. NE, Warren, and Candi R. McCleary, 33, of same.

Jacob S. Gore, 29, of 488 N. High St., Cortland, and Christin N. Blackburn, 24, of 97 Parish Ave., Hubbard.

Matthew A. Woodruff, 26, of 23 Wagstaff Ave., Niles, and Sabrina M. Janing, 23, of same.

Daniel G. Hartson, 65, of 9444 N. Park Ave., N. Bloomfield, and Dawn E. Rhodes, 54, of same.

Terica O. Jones, 40, of 8706 Bayberry Drive, Warren, and Jennifer A. Pack, 39, of same.

Mark J. Altobell, 35, of 149 Summer-berry Lane, Niles, and Maria E. Mineo, 28, of same.

Randall D. Simmons, 63, of 3851 Northwoods Court NE, Unit 6, Warren, and Paula A. Richter, 63, of same.

Edward C. Roscoe, 56, of 2819 Hoffman Circle, Warren, and Dianne C. Roscoe, 57, of same.

Justin L. Blair, 22, of 1208 5th St. NE, Warren, and Patrice J. Gillems, of same.

Darrell W. Grimm, 35, of 38 Larry Lane, Cortland, and Amanda L. Brewer, 34, of same.

Brian E. Christner, 27, of 810 McManus Road, Leavittsburg, and Ashley M. Dunbar, 27, of same.

Jason M. McCray, 35, of 4815 Logan Way, Hubbard, and Denise A. Hill, 35, of same.

Gary P. Payne Jr., 18, of 1623 Westview Ave., Salem, and Stephanie D. Hatfield, 18, of 3220 Warren Burton Road, Southington.

New complaints

Huntington National Bank v. Scrapbook Studio and Cafe et al, cognovit.

Huntington National Bank v. Larry F. Wolf et al, cognovit.

US Bank NA ND v. Maria M. Bilihoutis, executrix, et al, foreclosure.

First Place Bank v. Janis R. Metzendorf et al, foreclosure.

Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown v. Robert F. Link et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Transportation Alliance Bank Inc., foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Patrick T. Hoolihan et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. LaToya A. Saunders et al, foreclosure.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Kendra M. Garner et al, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Margaret L. Hart et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Marilyn J. Prodnick et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Edward Snider et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America NA v. Barbara M. Rounds et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Angelique Stein et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Gina M. Conrad, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Ronald Swertfager, foreclosure.

PNC Bank NA v. Stefan W. Kirr et al, foreclosure.

William T. Holbrook v. Trumbull County Clerk of Courts, other civil.

Erie Insurance Co. v. Paul Vankirk, other civil.

Kimberly Roper et al v. DeJana DeJanovic et al, other civil.

Pharmacy Management Group of Columbus LLC v. Joseph Chovan, other civil.

Greg Robertshaw et al v. L.D. Jenkins et al, other civil.

Q Club LLC v. Q Club Fitness and Health Inc., other civil.

745 Pine LLC v. Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Co., other civil.

Katherine Minto v. Hyundai Motor America, other civil.

Northeast Ohio Foot Ankle Wound Center Inc. v. Theodore A. Buccilli Jr. et al, other torts.

Vernon L. Sewell Jr. v. Eric Sewell et al, other torts.

Vladimir V. Demshuk et al v. Enterprise Fleet Management et al, other torts.

Miranda Sprague v. George Palmer et al, other torts.

Amy Warner v. William D. McClain et al, other torts.

Robert J. Jones v. Kvaerner North American Construction et al, workers’ compensation.

State v. Kristin D. Woods, money.

Discover Bank v. Mary K. Thomas, money.

Ohio Edison Co. v. Michael B. Knight et al, money.

Discover Bank v. Renee Esposito, money.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. Jeffry J. Koehn et al, money.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Harland Elbel, money.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Lois E. Herald, money.

Target National Bank v. Wcada A. Cole, money.

Midland Funding LLC v. Gayle M. Wakefield, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. John E. Shaffer, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Jennifer L. Dziedzic, money.

N&E Realty Inc. v. Christopher J. Cotelesse, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Clarence Hostutler, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Eleanor A. Smith, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Commercial Union Insurance Co., money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Interstate Petroleum Co., money.

Discover Bank v. J.M. Schimley, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Charlene Schroeder, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Darrell M. Lewis, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Tammi R. Robinson, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Earnest L. Nicholson IV, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Joann Barna, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Julia A. Jamison, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Carol Thomas, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Nancy F. Wilson, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Gloria Simpson, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. April Maddox, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Frank Keeley and Crystal Keeley.

Timothy L. Mazyck and Marlea C. Mazyck.

Daphne M. Cercone and James Kulisz Jr.

Leigh A. Verh and Thomas J. Verh.

Biljana Davanzo and Carmen Davanzo.

Bryan C. Kirkpatrick and Heather N. Kirkpatrick.

Debra Bettura and Thomas Bettura.

Aaron Karr and Stevie Karr.

Tracey M. Murphy and Wayne Murphy.

John A. Damis and Lyn D. Damis.

James R. Mallery and Traci R. Mallery.

Jerry E. Kirkwood and Amy L. Kirkwood.

Divorces Asked

Tommy Johnson v. Dianna L. Johnson.

Laura L. McCreanor v. Michael P. McCreanor.

Teresa A. Fennell v. William R. Fennell.

Stephanie L. Watson v. Richard C. Watson.

Lucretia D. McCallum v. Scotty A. McCallum.

Keith Brown v. Deitra Brown.

Paul M. Upshire v. Linda S. Upshire.

Faith M. Welker v. Jeremiah D. Welker.

Lisa M. Toth v. Ronald J. Toth Jr.

Nathan W. Harris v. Lindsay Harris.

Legal separation Asked

Helaine M. Robison v. David J. Robison.

Jean A. Bossard v. George E. Bossard.

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