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Today is Saturday, March 16, the 75th day of 2013. There are 290 days left in the year.


On this date in:

A.D. 37: Roman emperor Tiberius dies; he is succeeded by Caligula.

1521: Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Philippines, where he is killed by natives the following month.

1802: President Thomas Jefferson signs a measure authorizing the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

1912: Future first lady Pat Nixon is born Thelma Catherine Ryan in Ely, Nev.

1926: Rocket science pioneer Robert H. Goddard successfully tests the first liquid-fueled rocket, in Auburn, Mass.

1935: Adolf Hitler decides to break the military terms set by the Treaty of Versailles by ordering the rearming of Germany.

1945: During World War II, American forces declare they have secured Iwo Jima, although pockets of Japanese resistance remain.

1968: During the Vietnam War, the My Lai Massacre of Vietnamese civilians is carried out by U.S. Army troops; estimates of the death toll vary between 347 and 504.

1972: In a nationally broadcast address, President Richard M. Nixon calls for a moratorium on court-ordered school busing to achieve racial desegregation.


1988: Ronald Anderson, chairman of GF Furniture Systems Inc., says the state can have some of the company’s land for free for construction of a 650-bed state prison.

About 5,200 Niles residents will be credited $4 each for January trash collection charges in a refund agreement reached with Waste Management Co. of Youngstown.

The 60-member Warren Community Chorus presents “Samson,” a George Frederick Handel oratorio, at Central Christian Church in Warren.

1973: A manhunt involving police agencies in Mahoning and Trumbull counties, including an Ohio State Patrol aircraft, is launched for a gunman who has been shooting at tractor-trailer rigs on Interstate 80 near Girard.

A two-year study by a Senate subcommittee finds no proof for Ralph Nader’s charges that 1960-63 Corvairs were unsafe vehicles.

Youngstown City Council approves an ordinance authorizing the Board of Control to apply for $1 million in federal Housing and Urban Development funds for expansion at Youngstown State University.

1963: Common Pleas Judge Forrest Cavalier refuses a request by Frank Mulidore, president of Club 98, a downtown bar, that the city be ordered to issue soft drink and restaurant licenses to the club. The city says the club is a hangout for prostitutes, burglars and numbers men.

Safecrackers break into D. Berkowitz & Sons Inc. on Prospect Street, escaping with an estimated $1,000 in cash and checks.

An 18-year-old Warren Township girl who had been kept in a barn is responding to treatment at Warren General Hospital for frostbite, malnutrition and other ailments.

1938: Approximately 14,000 income tax returns are filed in Youngstown, says Jerome Santangelo, deputy collector of internal revenue, setting a new record.

Tom M. Girdler, chairman of Republic Steel Corp., says careful estimates of the country’s future needs for strip sheets indicate there will be plenty of business for the company’s new $15 million strip mill.

Dr. George W. Rightmire, the first Ohio State University alumnus to head his alma mater, announces his intention to retire July 1, shortly before he will reach 70 years of age.

Robert Smith, 17-year-old Vindicator carrier, has the automobile for which he has been saving his pennies, paying for a Model T priced at $24.75 at W.O. Strausbaugh Co. with 2,475 pennies.

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