LoCash Cowboys ready to show how they do it

By John Benson


Despite Mother Nature’s past efforts to derail a Northeast Ohio night of country-music partying from LoCash Cowboys, the act is ready to return to the Youngstown area.

“Yeah man, our shows there have been crazy,” said singer Preston Brust, calling from Nashville. “They were packed and wild, and everybody was partying. The Dusty Armadillo is one of our favorite places to play. The first time we played at the club, there was a crazy snowstorm. And then this last time we played there, it was a snowstorm again, but everybody came out. It was jam-packed, so we’re hoping, minus the snow, it’ll still be another party.”

LoCash Cowboys, which is scheduled to play Saturday at the Rootstown venue, is gearing up to release its debut full-length, which exactly a year ago was going to be the band’s album “This is How We Do It.” However, the group’s record label folded before it hit stores.

For a moment, that left Brust and his LoCash Cowboys partner, Chris Lucas, as free agents. Then a few months ago the group landed at Average Joe’s Entertainment. Ever since then, the musicians have been hard at work writing a new full-length that most likely will be out this summer.

“There will be a couple of songs from the old album that make their way to the new album, but, for the most part, we’ve recorded 11 new songs,” Brust said. “We needed to make it fresh. We recorded ‘This is How We Do It’ in 2009, and we’ve grown a lot as songwriters and musicians and young men. We want to show everybody who we are now, so the record label was cool enough to let us freshen it up a bit.”

Among the previously recorded songs making the leap to the new project are radio singles “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.” and “Keep in Mind.” Brust describes the former as a redneck anthem, while he said the latter is the group’s first top-30 track. Another keeper is the George Jones duet “Independent Trucker”

The unreleased songs, some of which the band will be playing at the Dusty Armadillo show, are the contemporary-sounding “Chase a Little Love,” the ballad “Best Seat in the House” and the band favorite “Love Drunk.”

“There’s some heartfelt stuff on this album,” Brust said. “It’s a side of LoCash that nobody ever knew existed. It’s going to be fun to let people find out who we really are.”

For the longest time, LoCash Cowboys were perennial Music City bridesmaids. The act has been at it for well over a decade. Despite a step forward followed by two steps back, Brust and Lucas kept their nose to the grindstone. Then last year things started to break. Not only did the act co-write Keith Urban’s No. 1 single “You Gonna Fly,” but it also co-penned Tim McGraw’s 2012 top-10 single “Truck Yeah.”

Though in some regards the LoCash Cowboys are on a songwriting streak, the focus has now changed.

“There are two or three songs on our album that our publisher wanted us to think twice about,” Brust said. “They said they could possibly get Rascal Flatts to cut one of these or [Kenny] Chesney, but we held the songs back for ourselves because we knew this record is going to be important in defining who we are.”

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