Canfield schools have it all

Canfield schools have it all

I am writing this letter as a proud parent of a member of this year’s senior class at Canfield High School. I also have a daughter in the freshman class, beginning her high school career. Our family chose to move to Canfield late in 2007 when a job change sent us to this area from the Cleveland area. We began to search for quality schools after attending Avon City Schools in Lorain County. We knew we came from an excellent district and wanted to duplicate that experience with our new town. Canfield seemed to be the closest to what we knew.

At the time, our children were in 4th and 7th grades. They quickly settled into their new schools, although naturally the first year we lived here was not without some adjustments.

We became immersed in a whirlwind of activities, and the scope of opportunities available to our students truly amazed me. Musical theater at the middle school level? Cross country teams? Math clubs? All those options unfolded for my children as well as their academic opportunities. There is a very special culture very unique to our town that perhaps is not recognized by someone who has always lived here. It is not common for schools to offer that variety of opportunities before high school.

In the past five years since we moved here, my children have excelled not just academically, but also socially, athletically and artistically. That is a result of our fine schools.

We are turning out not just good students but also superior citizens in our community. I am frequently impressed by the caliber of young people our school system nurtures. It is a true partnership between the families and the schools.

Canfield schools, from the elementary to high school level, are helping the future look bright.

Kim Urig, Canfield