Christianity under attack in US

Christianity under attack in US

It is becoming more obvious to me that Christianity is under attack in this country and specifically by this administration. The lack of action by our administration concerning the pastor held prisoner by Iran, the refusal by the Obama administration to allow Hobby Lobby their First Amendment rights and trying to reinterpret that right is glaring. I’m sure there are many more.

We must stand up, be heard and fight this takeover of our country and the destruction of our Constitution. This takeover will be gradual and one day we’ll wake up and wonder what happened. Speak up, America, before it’s too late.

Margaret Henning, Youngstown

Landlords pass along their costs

After reading Janice Shultz’s recent letter regarding voting on tax issues, I am confused by her logic. She says people that rent don’t pay property tax, the landlord does.

Where does the money landlords use to pay property tax come from? Does it come from their own personal funds or just perhaps it comes in the form of rent from tenant’s wallet? What about people that live with parents? We have no way of knowing whether they are paying anything toward the home’s maintenance, and whether they do or not is irrelevant.

Please point out to me the section of either the U.S. or Ohio Constitution that requires land ownership to vote. If a person has the right to vote they have the right to vote on all issues that appear on the ballot.

Greg Grimm, Austintown