Don’t be fooled into believing deceit of gun-show loophole

Don’t be fooled into believing deceit of gun-show loophole

National gun registra- tion and the so-called gun- show loopholes are different things. The gun-show loop- holes are presented by anti-gun government officials as buy all the guns you want at gun shows without government oversight. They are being deceitful.

Fifty percent of gun-show sellers are registered firearms dealers; furthermore, they are multi-table users, selling close to 100 percent of the so-called assault weapons with the required background checks.

The balance of table holders are staffed by small-gun owners trying to sell their collection of deer rifles, shotguns, 22-caliber plinkers, antiques, etc., or people selling related gun items. Many tables have no guns at all. To think that plugging the so-called gun-show loophole is going to keep the criminal element from guns is being delusional and further hinders law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment constitutional rights.

National gun registration, which is used in the same verbal contexts with gun- show loopholes, is entirely different and imposes total control and loss of freedom, if enacted, with huge ramification to our law-abiding citizens as it relates to the Second Amendment and personal gun owners’ rights. To use gun-show background checks and national gun registration as similar, as many gun control people would have you believe, is deceitful, and it pales to what comes next.

National gun registration has no place in any U.S. gun laws as it is the path leading to gun confiscation. It is Mr. Obama and many of the Democrats in the U.S. Congress’ rush to new gun laws that are causing the large increase in gun sales. These law-abiding citizens are not buying assault weapons. They are not going to assault anyone; they are buying defense weapons for their own safety.

The NRA is right on with common- sense solutions to gun violence in our country such as a national mental-health database that the American Medical Association and other health organizations have lobbied against for years, professional armed security to protect our schools, enforcing existing gun laws, limiting the level of violence on TV, movie theaters, and video games. Stop this deceitful proposed gun-law rush to madness.

Tom Page, Boardman