Marriage licenses

Randy L. Spencer, 36, of 871 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, and Iris R. Salas, 27, of same.

Darryll R. Hoon Jr., 20, of 155 Surrey Lane, Canfield, and Kelly A. Hull, 20, of 4469 Green Glen Drive, Youngstown.

Divorces asked

Tavon Dubois, of 745 Parmalee Ave., Youngstown, v. Olga C. Dubois, of 38 Clinton St., Youngstown.

Linda M. Cataline, of 4503 Deer Creek Court, Unit 3, Austintown, v. Robert S. Cataline, of same.

Steven S. Whitehurst, c/o 374 Newton St., Canfield et al, v. Frances M. Whitehurst, of 5500 Revere Run, Canfield.

Nichole George, of 6622 Paxton Road, Boardman, v. Christopher M. Cookson, of 10813 Mystic Court, Orlando, Fla.

Sarah R. Flament, of 2683 Saginaw Drive, Poland, v. Jeffrey T. Flament, of 727 Camden Lane, Brunswick.

Kiana Owens, of 756 Brentwood Ave., Youngstown, v. Ronnie Owens Jr., 342 W. LaClede Ave., Youngstown.

Kiel L. Stanley, of 4158 New Road, Youngstown, v. Stephanie Stanley, of 1345 S. Kolb Road, Apt. 310A, Tucson, Ariz.

Shawn R. Taylor, of 4533 Burkey Road, Austintown, v. James A. Taylor, of 103 Vienna Ave., Niles.

Theresa J. Rapp, of 8631 Fairweather Trail, Poland, v. Stephen J. Rapp, of 3855 Hunters Hill, Poland.

Debra Larkin, of 3461 Meanderwood Drive, Canfield, v. Peter Larkin, of 1628 W. Hampton Drive, Austintown.

Peter J. Merolillo, of 229 Kerrywood Drive, New Middletown, v. Debra L. Chance, c/o Fairlawn Medical Center, of 1990 Harmon Ave., Columbus.

Iris J. Malveaux, of 1400 Springdale Ave., Unit 312, Youngstown, v. James L. Malveaux, of 309 Roy Road, Appaloosa, La.

Dissolutions asked

Paul Purins, of 591 E. Calla Road, Poland, and Deborah J. Purins, of 9555 Struthers Road, Unit 580, New Middletown.

Ralph D. Bertolini Jr., of 2129 Tippecanoe Ave., Youngstown, and Roxanne E. Bertolini, of 36 E. Woodland Ave., Niles.

Lloyd L. Fussnecker, of 615 Fifth St., Struthers, and Carolyn A. Fussnecker, of 5231 Sheridan Road, Poland.

Aimee S. Shogren, of 156 Rockland Drive, Boardman, and Aaron D. Shogren, of 46 Carter Circle, Apt. 4, Boardman.

New complaints

Selisa Amos v. Billie Grannison, other torts.

PNC Bank NA et al v. Kevin C. Bryant et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Amanda L. Webster et al, foreclosure.

American Homeowner Preservation Fund LP v. Jennifer L. Jordan et al, foreclosure.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Anna M. Frabutt et al, foreclosure.

James P. Dwyer II v. Anthony Catale, personal injury.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Charlotte Behanna et al, foreclosure.

Paula J. Grenga v. Jason A. Vantell et al, money.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Shirley A. Rosser et al, foreclosure.

Barbara Churlik et al v. Keilan Clinkscale, other torts.

John Price v. Steve Buehrer, admin of BWC et al, workers’ compensation.

Youngstown State University v. Youngstown State University Association of Classified Employees, petition to quash subpoena.

Have Financing Inc. et al v. Maribeth Sturbi, money.

Bank of America NA v. Joseph M. Wiesensee et al, foreclosure.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. v. Mary A. Angelo, money.

Merck & Co. Inc. v. John Kegley, money.

Joseph Patasce v. One Beacon American Insurance Co., money.

Morris J. Perry Sr. v. Mark Heath of Ready Rental, money.

Bank of America NA et al v. Kevin R. Montgomery et al, foreclosure.

Erie Terminal Place LLC v. John Petrilla et al, breach of contract.

PNC Bank NA et al v. Suzanne T. Locke et al, foreclosure.


State v. Wilfred A. Chin, forfeiture entered.

State v. Jeffrey Long, pleads guilty.

State v. Mary Mirich, pleads guilty.

State v. Samuel M. Horvath, pleads guilty.

State v. Katherin L. Phelan, pleads guilty.

GMAC LLC v. Stephen D. Baker et al, order of magistrate.

Sovereign Bank v. Robert H. Partlow et al, dismissed.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Mark A. Isaacson et al, order of sale withdrawn.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Jared M. Whittaker, payment ordered.

Richard Cordray v. Sergio Dipaolo et al, order of magistrate.

Midfirst Bank v. Christine Sinkfield et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown v. Patricia L. Rohrman et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Travis A. Millard et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Loretta Underhill et al v. Britnai L. Romine et al, dismissed.

William Nitch v. Paul Rogers, dismissed.

Debbie L. Curtis v. Darren R. Schlueter et al, dismissed.

US Bank v. Jennifer L. Wigle et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Donald F. Warrick Jr. et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Gary M. Fisher et al, foreclosure.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust v. Timothy Smith et al, order of magistrate.

Jackie Levonyak v. Ramon Vasquez et al, dismissed.

Dillan Well Drilling Inc. v. OCH Construction LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of America NA v. Isaiah J. Szabo et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America NA v. Kimberly A. Cameron et al, foreclosure.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Anthony L. Rudolphi et al, order of magistrate.

Household Realty Corp. v. Honore J. Myers et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Heidi C. Guerriero et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. William O. Flowers Jr. et al, order of magistrate.

Iona L. Hayes v. Jamee L. Mason et al, dismissed.

Jason M. Jayne v. Patricia Burchell-Abkarjan, dismissed.

Rasheedah Butler v. Lenette Rushton, order of magistrate.

Tina M. Simmons-Britt v. Israel Jusino, dismissed.

Real estate

Ann M. Metzinger to James Prestley, Windsor Avenue, Youngstown, $11,550.

US Bank NA to Edward J. Moore, Struthers-Coitsville Road, Lowellville, $15,000.

Fannie Mae to Benjamin Gear et al, Unity Road, Youngstown, $133,000.

US Bank NA to V.T. Larney Ltd., N. Roanoke Avenue, Youngstown, $40,000.

Sara N. Reeveley to Megan E. Fabis et al, Hamilton Avenue, Poland, $74,000.

Akuaro Home Investments LLC to James Staley, Jefferson Street, Campbell, $2,250.

Laura L. Rishel et al to William R. Noel Sr. et al, New Castle Road, Lowellville, $36,000.

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