Wary of the new John Kasich

Wary of the new John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich used his state of the state address to pitch many policy changes that have been met with mixed reviews by members of both parties.

He began his address by describing unemployed Ohioans, struggling to get by, leading to a then-and-now scenario that ends in jobs and prosperity.

Also, the governor referred to his proposal to extend Medicaid as an unprecedented opportunity to bring federal dollars back into Ohio to help poor families. “We need to get them primary care, basic coverage,” Kasich told the joint session of the Ohio House and Senate. “My personal faith and the lessons I learned from the Good Book, they are important to me.” He continued that he is unwilling to turn to turn his back on “those who live in the shadows of life ... those who live with least among us.”

What a colossal phony. Will someone please tell me, when did the governor have this epiphany?

You may recall that not long after Kasich took office, Ohio was awarded $176 million in federal aid. This money was earmarked to extend jobless benefits, provide job training, aid children of the unemployed, and help victims of domestic abuse.

Sound familiar? Bringing federal dollars back to Ohio to help poor families. However, John Kasich “The Great Humanitarian” had no qualms about turning his back on the needy then.

He refused the money. His reason? Too much federal involvement. Like those same struggling unemployed Ohioans that he alluded to earlier, I’m sure there were many that were in dire need of that federal aid. But that was then and this is now. John Kasich is already in full reelection mode. John Kasich, not just a colossal phony, also a shameless liar.

Mark J Cleland Sr., Austintown