Marriage licenses

Harry W. Cotterman II, 31, of 31 Elm St., Unit B2, Struthers, and Nicole L. Picard, 33, of same.

Timothy A. Brown II, 29, of 2871 Red Fox Run Drive NW, Warren, and Emily E. Tomas, 25, of 519 Winchester Ave., Youngstown.

George L. Wallace, 54, of 179 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, and Starlene D. Coleman, 52, of 3531 Hillman St., Unit 511, Youngstown.

Chad W. Stouffer, 24, of 33 N. Cross St., Columbiana, and Rachel C. Braund, 24, of 5258 N. Beacon Drive, Austintown.

James S. Sams Jr., 64, of 109 Bradmoor Lane, Butler, Pa., and Susan M. Blash, 58, of 103 Fraser Road, Valencia, Pa.

Domestic relations

Thinh P. Nguyen v. Dung P. Duong, divorce to plaintiff.

Darlene W. McGaha v. Jerry W. McGaha, legal separation granted to both.

Mark Calderone v. Candee Calderone, legal separation granted to both, wife returns to former name of Candee G. Roney.

Margarita Quinones v. Jorge L. Orobio, divorce to plaintiff.

Gina Tucker v. Allen S. Tucker, divorce to both, wife returns to former name of Gina D. Tucker-Jones.

Joseph E. Barber v. Melissa Barber, divorce to plaintiff.

Eric L. Davis v. Shannon N. Davis, divorce to plaintiff.

Robert G. Maloney v. Jessica N. Maloney, divorce to plaintiff.

Kevin J. Soltis v. Dara L. Soltis, divorce to both.

Doris A. Shaw v. Kenneth Shaw, divorce to plaintiff.

Kimberly A. Glaros v. Michael J. Glaros, divorce to both, wife returns to former name of Kimberly A. Knight.

Coreina M. Smrecansky v. Cyril R. Smrecansky, divorce to both.

Moninca L. Kimble v. Dereck D. Kimble, divorce to plaintiff.

Jessica A. Glista-Hively v. Lee R. Hively III, divorce to plaintiff.

Robert A. Petrus v. Carrie I. Petrus, divorce to both.

Cheryl L. Lintner v. Christopher V. Lintner, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Cheryl L. Rose.

Edward Metzinger v. Laura R. Metzinger, divorce to plaintiff.

John Granchie v. Christine Delahunty-Granchie, divorce to plaintiff.

Michael LaRocca v. Vanessa L. LaRocca, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Vanessa L. Christie.

Renee A. Carsone v. Frank F. Carsone, divorce to both.

Michael Seidita v. Autumn Seidita, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Autumn J. Jones.

Donald L. Coppola v. Jennafer N. Coppola, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Jennafer N. Giannios.

Jeanette Garland v. Robert T. Garland, dismissed.

Marci D. Lampkin v. Ronnie G. Lampkin Sr., divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Marci D. Jones.

Dawn Tlacotia v. Margarito Tlacotia, divorce to plaintiff.

Julie Mann v. William E. Mann, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Julie L. Smith.

Patricia A. Brenner v. William E. Brenner, divorce to plaintiff.

Melissa R. Garrett v. Robert D. Garrett, divorce to plaintiff.

Charles T. Popvich Sr. v. Anne M. Popvich, divorce to plaintiff.

Rita D. Caruso v. James D. Caruso, divorce to plaintiff.

Lori A. Dragovich v. Kristopher R. Dragovich, divorce to plaintiff.

Richard D. Barron v. Sharon S. Barron, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Sharon S. McCoy.

Tammy L. Sebastian v. Abilio Sebastian, divorce to plaintiff.

Diane L. Cameron v. Corey A. Cameron, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Diane L. Grice.

Daniel H. Haas Jr. v. Rose M. Haas, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Rose M. McDonald.

Patricia A. Kitchen v. Dennis M. Cook, divorce to plaintiff.

Doriska J. Riley v. Larry W. Riley, divorce to plaintiff.

Raul Concepcion v. Linda Rios, divorce to plaintiff.

Nicholas J. Dominick v. Julia L. Dominick, divorce to plaintiff.

April Rich v. James Rich, divorce to plaintiff.

Casey L. Cortez v. Francisco L. Rivera, divorce to plaintiff.

Dale W. Lundy v. Roxann M. Lundy, divorce to both, wife returns to former name of Roxann M. Parro.

Heather E. Warburton v. Dawud Warburton, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Heather E. Flarey.

Tami Wright v. Johnny Dawson, divorce to plaintiff.

Cornell Lane v. Marcia L. Lane, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Marcia L. Pennington.

Michelle A. LaForce v. Jason LaForce, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Michelle A. Giuriceo.

Danica R. Wagoner v. Randal W. Wagoner, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Danica R. Pellice.

Timothy A. Kifer v. Colleen M. Kifer, dismissed.

Helana M. Kays v. Shannon J. Kays, divorce to plaintiff.

Polonia DeJesus v. Earl J. Michaels, divorce to both.

Cheryl A. Soles and David L. Soles, dissolution granted.

Andrea M. Correia and Christopher M. Correia, dissolution granted.

Jennifer L. Kawa and Khaldoun Kawa, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Jennifer L. Nolker.

Heather L. Hughes and James R. Hughes Jr., dissolution granted.

Joshua H. Wilson and Erin L. Griffith, dissolution granted.

Amy B. Gorby and Martin L. Gorby, dissolution granted.

Peter C. Koma and Julie A. Koma, dissolution granted.

Leigh A. Klem and Jason H. Fritz, dissolution granted.

Garry L. Galloway II and Catherine J. Galloway, dissolution granted.

Jamie L. Rucker and Michelle R. Rucker, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Michelle R. Terry.

Chris Trikilis and Pete Trikilis, dissolution granted.

Janine A. Hooks and Leon E. Hooks, dissolution granted.

Terrence M. Rhodes and Taressa R. Rhodes, dissolution granted.

Edward L. Boyce and Melinda D. Boyce, dissolution granted.

David M. Ramun Jr. and Stephanie A. Ramun, dissolution granted.

Jerome V. Carubia and Jennifer L. Carubia, dissolution granted.

Christina M. Kimble and Matthew W. Kimble, dissolution granted.

Lawanna R. Lampkin and Jeffrey Lampkin, dissolution granted.

Thomas C. Wagner and Sheryl A. Wagner, dissolution granted.

Laurence Haley and Chaunet Haley, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Chaunet Miranda.

Delisa R. Bowser v. Timmy L. Bowser, dismissed.

Dennis L. Long v. Cynthia Fry, dismissed.

Matthew E. Dreas v. Shannon M. Dreas, dismissed.

Daisy Tuscano v. Michael Tuscano,, dismissed.

Mark Harris v. Chante L. Childress-Harris, dismissed.

Terrell L. Leonard v. Melissa Franklin, dismissed.

Melissa Franklin v. Terrell Leonard, dismissed.

June Stephenson v. Hale Burkholder II, dismissed.

Jamie L. Myers v. Larry E. Jacobs, dismissed.

Peggy K. Cassidy v. Harry F. Cassidy, dismissed.

Kristen Sinkovich v. Michael E. Hardy, dismissed.

Kristy M. Serrecchio v. Frank G. Emerson Jr., dismissed.

James F. Barrett v. Angela M. Barrett, dismissed.

Danyell York v. Keith Logan Jr., dismissed.

Joyce DeMello v. Gilbert DeMello, dismissed.

Pamela A. White v. Cuevas J. Wright, dismissed.

Ingrid S. Mercado v. Gesiel Ocasio, dismissed.

Tamika Haywood v. Erick Haywood, dismissed.

Tiffany R. Dothard v. Nigel J. Dothard, dismissed.

Rochelle Zell v. Elizabeth Zell, dismissed.

April L. Yurkovich v. David W. Mulliken, dismissed.

Donald L. Burgy Jr. v. Frankie L. M. York, dismissed.

Beverly Lyda v. Robert Graffius, dismissed.

Laura M. Hones v. Joshua E. Hones, dismissed.

Michele A. Tustin v. Paul D. Dotson, dismissed.

Amy R. Truax v. Roy Morgan, dismissed.

Brittany B. Sheppard v. Robert F. Sheppard, dismissed.

LaConthea Korneagay v. James Stanford Jr., dismissed.

Sheree Brown v. Damon Washington, dismissed.

Martha A. Gaydos v. Ronald Pasquale, dismissed.

Shayatta N. Spann v. Terrez M. Spann, dismissed.

Rebecca Bartha v. Daniel D. Paris, dismissed.

Jennifer A. Stevenson v. Chad J. Stephenson, dismissed.

Danielle P. Hosey v. Awndreya A. Hosey, dismissed.

Jennifer Gallaugher v. James R. Patterson, dismissed.

Takeisha T. Bailey-Flores v. Travis R. Mills, dismissed.

Leshana A. Hardman v. Kevin D. Kendrick, dismissed.

Domanisha Morris v. Shaun Davis, dismissed.

Charles Muth v. Raquel M. Kravic, dismissed.

Donna Alston v. Steve Reid, dismissed.

Ashley Cunningham v. Damond L. Brown, dismissed.

Chad J. Stephenson v. Jennifer A. Balestra-Stephenson, dismissed.

Bobbi J. Given v. Charles Rishel Sr., dismissed.

George S. Sedmak II v. Stanley G. Sedmak, dismissed.

Tina M. Simmons-Britt v. Mark D. Britt Jr., dismissed.

Kay B. Janis v. John S. Basista, dissmissed.

Real estate

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Angelo DeFrank, Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, $5,000.

Jason Macabobby to Daniel A. Kessler, Red Tail Hawk Drive, Unit 6, Boardman, $93,000.

Nicole M. Ashburn et al to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Mercedes Place, Canfield, $100,790.

Donald M. Luce et al to Michael J. Bruss et al, Hickory Hollow, Canfield, $129,000.

Phyllis R. Strange to Nicholas A. LaRocca et al, Struthers Road, New Middletown, $100,500.

Fannie Mae to M&J Roofing and Home Improvements, Manchester Ave., Youngstown, $11,900.

Timberbook Inc. to CCA Realty Group LLC, multiple lots, Youngstown, $425,000.

RS Westside Holdings LLC to Caren A. Compton, Hopkins Road, Youngstown, $38,000.

Clifford A. Mortimer to Alisa A. Perren, S. Raccoon Road, Unit 31, Youngstown, $94,000.

Rigoberto Castillo et al to Nicholas Frasco, Argyle Ave., Youngstown, $108,390.

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