Both vulnerable. South deals.


x9 8

uA 7 6 5 4

v10 8 6

wK J 10


x6 3 xA Q J 10 4 2

uK 10 u9 3

vA 9 7 5 3 2 vK 4

w8 6 5 w9 3 2


xK 7 5

uQ J 8 2

vQ J

wA Q 7 4

The bidding:


1NT Pass 2v 2x

3u Pass 4u Pass

Pass Dbl Pass Pass


Opening lead: Six of x

North’s bid of two diamonds was a transfer to hearts and the rest of the auction was natural. With what looked like two defensive tricks in addition to shortness in partner’s suit, West doubled to end the auction.

West led the top of his doubleton in partner’s suit. It looked as if the contract was now unbeatable, but East had other ideas. He won with the ace and, in the hope of finding his partner with the ace of diamonds, switched to the king of diamonds and continued with a low diamond.

West won to complete the defensive book and returned a diamond. East obliged by carefully ruffing with the nine of hearts. Declarer could overruff, but now West’s king-ten of trumps combined became the setting trick. Try it.

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