Kasich’s plan will create jobs

Kasich’s plan will create jobs

Did Congressman Tim Ryan even read the Ohio Jobs and Transportation plan before he went on the attack the other day? The Ohio Turnpike is one of our state’s most important assets. As one of Congressman Ryan’s constituents, I’m deeply offended that Ryan would stoop to such lows and attack something that benefits Youngstown.

Traveling through some of Ohio’s most densely populated areas, the turnpike is vital to Ohio’s economic outlook.

Gov. John Kasich’s Ohio Jobs and Transportation Plan calls for generating $1.5 billion in new revenue for the turnpike by issuing bonds backed by future turnpike revenue. When potential local and federal matching funds are added to this figure, it becomes almost $3 billion, and generates more money for Ohio and the Mahoning Valley. These funds will be put to use expanding and improving Ohio’s highway system, helping to facilitate economic development and creating jobs.

The plan Gov. Kasich has come up with is a clear solution to maximize the turnpike’s strengths, minimize its weaknesses, and position Youngstown and NE Ohio in the fast lane of economic growth.

President Obama continues to emphasize the importance of investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure which will enhance economic growth.

So why is Congressman Tim Ryan stuck in the slow lane?

Tracey Winbush, Youngstown