Sequester will mean 3 percent cut

Sequester will mean 3 percent cut

I write in response to a few re- cent letters to the editor that have been published in The Vindicator regarding the pending sequester — a mechanism that will reduce federal spending by three pennies for every dollar that Washington spends.

As the president’s own press secretary and several media reports have confirmed, the Obama administration developed the idea and pushed for the sequester. President Obama then signed the sequester into law on Aug. 2, 2011. Last year, House Republicans passed two pieces of legislation that would have replaced the sequester with responsible spending cuts. These cuts would’ve reduced federal spending by the same amount as the sequester, but would not have jeopardized our national security with the deep cuts to defense the president insisted on. The president and the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to even consider those bills. And now, on the eve of the sequester, the president is looking for someone to blame.

Hard-working American families have to live within their means or they can’t pay their bills. Businesses must live within their means or they have to close their doors. The federal government must begin to do the same.

Bill Johnson, Marietta

Johnson is a Republican representing Ohio’s 6th Congressional District.