Much discussion has taken place about the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) being implemented by our school system, along with others across the state of Ohio next year. Please be aware that our district will be enforcing the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES) next year as well. The new OPES was developed to align with the OTES design. Here is an overview of OPES.

Implementation of a Principal Performance Rubric based on the Ohio Standards for Principals

The rubric guides evaluators in measuring their principals’ daily performance against five standards:

• Principals help create a shared vision and clear goals for their schools and also ensure continuous progress toward achieving the goals.

• Principals support the implementation of high-quality, standards-based instruction that results in higher levels of achievement for all students.

• Principals allocate resources and manage school operations in order to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

• Principals establish and sustain collaborative learning and shared leadership to promote learning and achievement of all students.

• Principals engage parents and community members in the educational process and create an environment where community resources support student learning, achievement, and well-being.

Principals are evaluated on student growth:

As in OTES student growth measures will account for 50 percent of the evaluation. The direct student growth component will be comprised of a combination of two or more measures of Value-Added scores, vendor-created assessments, and locally determined student growth measures. Indirect student growth measures will be those that impact student achievement, such as retention, promotion of students, and graduation rates.

In the Student Growth Measures Model, principals will fall into three categories, based on local choices and the availability of value-added:

• Building-level value added

• Composite of vendor assessments

• LEA-determined measures

The summative ratings categories now match those of OTES, which are Accomplished, Proficient, Developing, and Ineffective.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy summer season and always remember… It’s a great time to be a Cardinal!


Alex G. Geordan, Superintendent

Canfield Local Schools

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