Boardman trustees present bids for joint paving project

By Josh Stipanovich


Six bids were presented to the Boardman trustees Monday evening for the joint paving program the township is performing with Austintown and Canfield townships that will allow each political subdivision to save money and pave more roads.

Butch & McCree Paving of Hillsville, Pa., had the lowest total bid of $1,084,582, which includes $9,700 per day and $130.40 per unit of asphalt.

Larry Wilson, road superintendent, said he was pleased with all the bids as they came in lower than expected.

“It looks like, overall, everyone is going to save some dollars on this,” Wilson said. “So hopefully, all three townships will benefit from this, and we’re going to move forward.”

A motion was approved to accept the bids for further review. The board plans to award the bids at its July 10 meeting.

Wilson said the lowest bidder would most likely get the job, but that it’s not out of the realm of possibility to turn that company down and accept the next-lowest bidder.

“We’ll take into consideration if any three of the townships have had an issue with that contractor in the past. Ohio law says if [that is] so, we can go to the next bidder,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he doesn’t foresee any issues with Butch & McCree, however.

Trustee Brad Calhoun said that a bid will be awarded, and the township will move forward with the joint paving program.

“I’m sure that one of those bids will be accepted,” Calhoun said, adding he believes more townships will join forces in the future once they see how much money can be saved through a joint venture.

“These contractors, if they can bring their equipment to Mahoning County and do all the jobs, it’s cheaper for them,” Calhoun said. “It will be a good thing.”

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