VW keeps mum on plant expansion

VW keeps mum on plant expansion

chattanooga, tenn.

Volkswagen calls its Chattanooga plant a global model for energy conser-vation and efficient production. But executives remain tightlipped about whether the facility is in line to produce a new crossover SUV for the German automaker.

A decision about production of the new model could come as soon as the quarter that begins in July, and local and state officials hope the company decides to double down on the plant that employs about 2,500.

A delegation of officials traveled to VW headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, this month to make the case for expanding the Chattanooga plant, which began making the Passat sedan in 2011.

Promise of price cut on hospital bills remains in limbo


Huge list prices charged by hospitals are drawing increased attention, but a federal law meant to limit what the most financially vulnerable patients can be billed doesn’t seem to be making much difference.

A provision in President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul says most hospitals must charge uninsured patients no more than what people with health insurance are billed.

The goal is to protect patients from medical bankruptcy, a problem that will not go away next year when Obama’s law expands coverage for millions.

Because the Affordable Care Act doesn’t cover everyone, many people will remain uninsured. Also, some who could sign up are expected to procrastinate even though the law requires virtually everyone to have health insurance.

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