Take a walk; lengthen your life

I read recently that “old age” is now considered 85 and beyond. At four days short of 89, each month — each day — is a bonus.

Living into old age has certainly been a challenge, considering near death experiences of scarlet fever in the Great Depression, attacks by Japanese suicide planes in World War II and open heart surgery at age 84. I firmly believe my walking regimen during the past 26 years of my retirement has helped me. I rarely have missed walking a mile a day during that period of time.

Three of four seasons

Spring, summer and fall, the route is outside in my neighborhood. During my old age, I walked inside my home on my carpets from one end to the other, round and round. Walking is a good time to meditate and say prayers.

One of my legacies of wisdom that I would like to pass on to my family is that a walking regimen is a no-cost longevity maker. I prefer walking outdoors since I enjoy watching the season changes.

The leaf buds start to puff up then burst into bloom, in a short period of time, during spring. Walking my neighborhood during the summer really perks me up observing the beautiful flower and vegetable plants, especially my own 6-foot pepper plants. In the autumn, some of the maple trees provide a beautiful show of multicolored leaves.

I have always liked walking, since my kindergarten days at Lincoln Elementary School in 1929. The walking continued, when I went to East High School. Both schools were several blocks from my home.

Somewhere I read that “old age” is like a rubber band — the older it gets the more shriveled up and brittle it becomes. I have seen some old rubber bands break up and fall apart. I would rather remain elastic.

Michael J. Lacivita is a Youngstown retiree and member of the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame and Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

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