Marriage licenses

Matthew Williams, 48, of 746 Glen Park Road, Boardman, and Renee L.B. Oblak, 50, of same.

Clair L.H. Clark, 35, of Charlotte, N.C., and Christy M. Carbone, 36, of same.

Steven M. Bensinger, 23, of 238 E. Calla Road, Poland, and Stacy D. Rhoads, 25, of 9847 Deltona Drive, New Middletown.

Garrett A. McIntyre, 27, of 5464 W. Radio Road, Austintown, and Jessica L. Mayer, 24, of 5437 W. Radio Road, Austintown.

James C. Brenner III, 34, of 36 Melbourne Ave., Boardman, and Karrie L. Piette, 35, of same.

Kevin J. Carney, 32, of 21 Massachusetts Ave., Poland, and Lori J. Olsen, 31, of same.

Jeffrey T. Suchonic, 47, of 137 E. Leasure Ave., New Castle, Pa., and Mary E. Rapone, 50, of same.

Branden A. Morales, 34, of 7761 E. Parkside Drive, Boardman, and Ashley N. Fryda, 26, of same.


State v. Devin Towns, sentenced to 17 months in Lorain Correctional Institution on count one and six months on count two to be served concurrently.

State v. Boston Walker, pleads guilty.

State v. James Eiland, sentenced to two years’ community control through APA.

State v. Brian E. McGuire, pleads guilty.

State v. Jacie L. Palumbo, sentenced to one year community control through APA.

State v. Butler Johnson IV, pleads guilty.

State v. Thomas J. Jones IV, pleads guilty.

State v. William J. Navarro, sentenced to 10 months in Lorain Correctional Institution.

State v. Michael Kohn, sentenced to five years in Lorain Correctional Institution on counts one and two to be served concurrently.

State v. Joseph O. Altenburg, sentenced to two years community control through APA.

State v. William L. Tolle, sentenced to three years community control through APA.

State v. Drake Ripple, pleads guilty.

K&T Realty Ltd. et al v. Reach Magazine of Northeast Ohio et al, satisfied.

Elly M. Lenton et al v. Anthony Depinto et al, decision of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. James M. McGath et al, magistrate’s decision adopted.

State of Ohio Environmental v. Youngstown Thermal LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Michele L. Green v. Thomas Four Limited et al, dismissed.

Dawn M. Stevenson v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. et al, order of magistrate.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Cynthia A. Ricciuti et al, order of magistrate.

David J. Copanic v. Alltel Communications LLC et al, dismissed.

Daniel Egnacheski et al v. Kristen Cartwright et al, order of magistrate.

HSNC Bank USA v. James Lebaron et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of America NA v. Stephen E. Korodi III et al, dismissed.

Mark J. Wasko v. Superior Beverage Group Ltd. et al, settled and dismissed.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Kyle J. Kyle et al, dismissed.

Bonnie Jeffcoat v. Treemen Industries Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

Samantha Case v. Youngstown Developmental Center et al, order of magistrate.

Great American Finance Co. v. Thomas J. Soares, payment ordered.

Fredericksburg Development LLC v. Dream Elements LLC et al, settled and dismissed.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Samantha J. Craven, payment ordered.

Jennifer L. Corey v. Becky A. Harker, dismissed.

Green Tree Servicing LLC v. Yvonne Baker-Summers et al, dismissed.

Seabright Insurance Co. v. Troy Painting Inc., order of magistrate.

Navy Portfolio LLC v. Hekmat B. Estephan et al, dismissed.

US Bank NA v. Delbert E. Brogdon Sr. et al, order of magistrate.

Shanetta Sly v. Mary Kimbrough, dismissed.

Shanetta Sly v. John Thomas, dismissed.

Karen Neill v. Bryan K. Dilling, order of magistrate.

Brittany Gardner v. Brandy Culver, dismissed.

Wayne Abron v. John Cox, order of magistrate.

Rochelle Carlisle v. Adam Feliciano, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Christine L. Shoiskey to Ralph Edwards et al, Renwick Drive, Poland, $80,000.

Ryan J. Hively et al to Judd A. Rubin et al, W. Main St., Canfield, $250,000.

Walter E. Zyuith to John Fiddler III et al, Ewing Road, Youngstown, $107,500.

Diane L. Braidic et al to Bret E. Smith et al, W. Tennessee Ave., Sebring, $28,000.

Kenneth Wilt et al to Brian Brodzinski, W. Tennessee Ave., Sebring, $5,000.

Teresa M. Churilla to Stephen M. Malutic, Tremble Ave., Campbell, $18,000.

Bryan Remner to Harry Wisler Jr. et al, Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg, $44,000.

Ridgely Park LLC to Dibo Construction LLC, Poland Township, $50,000.

Kimberly S. Woods to Julie E. Kopp, Edenridge Drive, Youngstown, $76,000.

KY Investment Properties LLC to Preserve Realty Holding LLC, Canfield, $37,000.

Gary W. Butch et al to Xiaojing Ye et al, Pearson Circle, Unit 4, Boardman, $53,000.

Legacy Builders 4 NEO LLC to Preserve Realty Holding LLC, Canfield, $74,000.

Barbara J. Olbrych to Walter Warg et al, Winchester Ave., Youngstown, $35,000.

Teri Properties LLC to Preserve Realty Holding LLC, Oakview Crossing, Canfield, $111,000.

Home Savings and Loan to Brenten Lamoncha, Waterside Court, Unit 2, Columbiana, $88,600.

Moore-Richfield LLC to WSI Properties LLC, Waverly Ave., Youngstown, $150,000.

Danny R. Ridgeway et al to James R. Partlow Jr. et al, Mill Road, Berlin Center, $48,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to Franco Betancourt, New Road, Austintown, $25,000.

Adele Lipari to Daniel J. Ricchiuti et al, Bay Hill Drive, Canfield, $655,000.

Dean A. Congemi et al to John H. Marino III et al, Fairfield Drive, Boardman, $221,500.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

Aulanna K. Armour, 1707 Fifth Ave., Unit 16, Youngstown.

Willie L. Gibbs, 366 Garfield St., Youngstown.

Renee L. Zura, 682 W. Wood St., Lowellville.

Nancy E. Holsinger, 3570 Krieger Lane, Youngstown.

Derick M. Edwards, 416 Bennington Ave., Youngstown.

Erica Bowers, 2849 Eddie St., Youngstown.

Billy J. Frost, 27 W. Oakland Blvd., Struthers.

Megan Watson, 31 Grimm Heights Ave., Struthers.

Dylan Smith, 11854 Palmyra Road, North Jackson.

Kay A. Yoho-Summers, 472 W. New York Ave., Sebring.

Robert E. Duncan, 203 Omar St., Struthers.

De’Ondrea C. Watkins, 22 N. Lakeview Ave., Youngstown.

Martin A. Chill, 2229 Woodland Trace, Youngstown.

Christopher M. Pollock, 4538 Woodhurst Drive, Austintown.

Ramon A. Rodriguez, 8270 Southern Blvd., Apt. 1, Boardman.

Denise R. Torres, 480 W. Hylda Ave., Youngstown.

Christopher S. Haluska, 1717 Manhattan Ave., Youngstown.

David N. Colapietro, 431 Edison St., Struthers.

Brian K. Foore, 3015 Canfield Road, Apt. 12, Youngstown.

Edward J. Marapese, 89 Omar St., Struthers.

Robert C. Peters, 523 Irene Ave., Youngstown.

Olivia Widget, 4683 S. Warwick Drive, Canfield.

Karen S. Lambert, 2949 Louise Rita Court, Youngstown.

Larry W. Murphy, 60 Meadow Wood Drive, Apt. C, Salem.

Debbie L. Nason, 16221 Shilling Road, Berlin Center.

Tracy Steele, 3853 Lanterman Road, Youngstown.

Hattie L. London, 850 Mathews Road, Youngstown.

Stephen A. Blasko, 334 Stephens St., Youngstown.

Kimberly A. Martin, 334 Stephens St., Youngstown.

Bankruptcies Chapter 13

Barry A. Benchwick and Tresa A. Nechwick, 10081 Silica Road, North Jackson.

Titus P. Greer, 513 Glacier Heights Road, Youngstown.

Maureen F. Lyons, 2466 Chaney Circle, Youngstown.

Sonya M. Marshall, 180 W. Evergreen Ave., Youngstown.

Rodney W. Gilbert Sr., 124 New York Ave., Apt. 1A, Youngstown.

Gregory R. and Lisa A. Wood, 155 S. Raccoon Road, Youngstown.

Joseph A. and Patricia A. Franklin, 1203 Woodhurst Drive, Youngstown.

Gilbert Bruss III, 24 N. Hillside Road, Canfield.

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