Softball field gets renovation



The Austintown Girls Softball team had the opportunity to play on its new home field in the spring of 2012.

The field is located behind the 911 Memorial and across from the Ax Factory Run. The land being used was part of the Trustees Park on South Raccoon Road and over the years it had become an eyesore, as it was once a dumping ground. After the first passage of the park levy over 20 years ago, it was cleaned up, the grass was cut and the land was maintained by the Austintown Park Department.

After Sept. 11, a group of citizens formed the 911 Committee and the front part of the land became the 911 Memorial Park. The back area on the other side of Ax Factory Run was maintained by the Austintown Parks Department and it became a baseball field for any who wanted to take advantage of any empty field.

After plans were complete for the two new schools to be built on the Fitch campus, the Fitch girl’s softball team had no home field or home field advantage.

Negotiations began between the Austintown Township Trustees and the Austintown Board of Education. Arrangements were made to turn what was once an empty field into a softball field for the Austintown Fitch girls team.

The field is now maintained by the Austintown Local School District. This was the first year for the girls to play on their new field, and they had a great season.

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