Man cited for contempt during arraignment

Man cited for contempt during arraignment

A man being arraigned on his sixth domestic violence charge Wednesday was given a 10-day sentence for contempt of court after he refused to stop talking when a judge told him to.

Judge Elizabeth Kobly of Municipal Court gave the sentence to 33-year-old Jonathan Kuzan of Sheridan Road, who was being arraigned via a video hookup from the Mahoning County Jail on two counts of felony domestic violence, felonious assault, abduction, robbery and disrupting public services.

After Judge Kobly also ordered he have no contact with the victims in the case, which include his own 6-year-old daughter, Kuzan was told to leave his seat in front of the camera and as he was walking away he could be heard saying a foul word.

He was brought back to the camera and Judge Kobly told him that even though he was at the jail, he was in a court proceeding and could not use foul language. He then complained about the no contact order.

“Who has the right to tell me I can’t see my child who I love so much?” Kuzan said.

That’s when he was found in contempt by Judge Kobly. He has a bond of $350,000.

Kuzan was one of three people charged with helping Martin Koliser, who killed a Youngstown police officer, in 2003 when Koliser escaped to Florida for a short time. He served six months in the jail for an obstruction of justice charge after he pleaded guilty.

When City Prosecutor Dana Lantz was telling Judge Kobly of that, Kuzan said that was not fair and that prosecutors should not be able to bring up his past record. Kobly said it was fair.

“I’m entitled to know everything about you to set a reasonable bond,” Judge Kobly said.

Court records show Kuzan has five domestic violence charges in the past; two from 2008, one from 2010, one from 2011 and one from 2012. Kuzan disputed those charges and the latest one.

“I don’t understand why you believe just about everything that lady [victim] says,” Kuzan said.

Police say Kuzan stormed into his home about 9:30 p.m. Monday, beat his girlfriend and took their daughter to a hotel in Austintown, where he was caught the next morning after police tracked him through his cell phone.

Lantz said she spoke to the victim just before court and she required hospitalization for the injuries she suffered Monday evening.

“She’s covered in bruises,” Lantz said.

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