The Beatles’ drummer stars in “Ringo: Peace & Love,” which recently opened at

The Beatles’ drummer stars in “Ringo: Peace & Love,” which recently opened at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Here’s a few facts about the musician who was once in the most important rock band on the planet.

v Ringo Starr, 72: Grew up in the seaport city of Liverpool, England. This is the museum’s third exhibit dedicated to an individual Beatle, following salutes to John Lennon and George Harrison.

v Interests: He’s trim and fit from years of following a vegetarian diet. He’s passionate about painting and photography.

v Subtle messages: He sometimes wears a miniature red plastic 45 rpm insert on one lapel or a tiny silver revolver with its barrel in a knot, reflecting his anti-handgun stance.

v Interactive exhibits: Visitors can explore his new e-book “Photograph,” while wanna-be Starrs can sit behind a kit and get a virtual drum lesson from Ringo, or step into a “Yellow Submarine” booth and sing that 1966 hit.

v Memorabilia: There are stage and album- cover outfits from the Fab Four’s heyday including Starr’s pink military- inspired satin suit from the cover of the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album, his cape from the “Help!” film and his red jacket from the 1969 rooftop concert featured in the “Let It Be” film. There’s also his drum kits, including the signature Ludwig black pearl set with the Beatles logo on the bass drum head.

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