Marriage licenses

Ryan M. Daniels, 24, of 300 Deer Trail, Niles, and Stephanie E. DelliGatti, 21, of same.

John D. Miller, 21, of 10040 Penniman Road, Orwell, and Rachel M Gingrich, 20, of 51 Phalanx Mills Herner Road, West Farmington.

Steven A. Steen, 36, of 118 Norton Drive, Vienna, and Lisa M. Smith, 39, of same.

Andrew B. Burnett, 28, of 6281 Brockway Sharon Road, Burghill, and Ashley M. Mongelluzzo, 25, of 390 Still Wagon Road SE, Warren.

Jimmy J. Oller, 35, of 17 E. River Road, Apt. 3, Newton Falls, and Penny M. Zell, 30, of same.

Dontay L. Miller, 30, of 2139 Peace Ave., Warren, and Terri M. Albert, 32, of same.

Rocco C. Adduci, 63, of 2829 E. Market St., Warren, and Deirdre K. Petrich, 51, of 2852 Crescent Drive NE, Warren.

Brian C. Whitmore, 28, of 78 Queens Drive, Warren, and Jessica H. Hawkins, 20, of same.

Clarence A. Williams, 46, of 1904 Mahoning Ave., Warren, and Sherry L. Wells, 47, of same.

David N. Griffing, 58, of 603 Willard Ave. SE, Unit 1, Warren, and Wanda G. Freeh, 56, of same.

Ming T. Wong, 44, of 59 Mill Creek Road, Niles, and Wu Xiaosen, 30, of same.

Jonathan J. Parker, 27, of 2806 Lexington Ave. NW, Warren, and Brittany N. Kennedy, 23, of 1030 S. Park Court, Brookfield.

Timothy P. Fulytor, 33, of 240 Jean Drive, Hubbard, and Jamie E. Epperson, 26, of same.

Christopher M. Gasiewski Jr., 23, of 613 Ridge Road, Apt. 202, Newton Falls, and Amber N. Machacek, 22, of same.

Thomas J. Young, 20, of 935 Center St. W, Warren, and Deva N. McDowell, 18, of same.

Bobby Efstathiadis, 28, of 4331 Stoneybrook Drive, Warren, and Leslie A. Hudach, 38, of 6263 Chestnut Ridge Road, Hubbard.

Matthew K. Shantz, 23, of Listouwel, Ontario, Canada, and Kendra J. Byler, 22, of 4455 Kinsman Road, Middlefield.

Jason I. Tingler, 25, of 2029 Beatty Road, Hubbard, and Amber L. Cunningham, 24, of 385 Jacobs Road, Hubbard.

Vinton E. Sisson IV, 24, Studio City, Calif., and Tess M. Bradley, 28, of same.

Justin M. Cornelius, 27, of 340 Indiana Ave., McDonald, and Jessica L. Chismark, 27, of same.

Larry S. Salvato, 39, of 1603 Willow Brook, Warren, and Jill M. Bartisvitch, 32, of same.

Mark A. Hart, 36, of 5705 state Route 46, Apt. C, Cortland, and Lynnette R. Williams, 40, of same.

Matt R. Barker, 27, of 8453 Main St., Kinsman, and Julie A. Lelesch, 23, of 140 Leslie Ave., Niles.

Mark E. Day Sr., 37, of 6345 Youngstown Hubbard Road, Hubbard, and Jennifer A. Kupiec, 34, of same.

Kenneth R. Simonyi, 31, of 3256 N. Park Ave. Ext., Warren, and Heidi N. Brown, 33, of same.

James M. Moriarty, 24, of 270 2nd St., P.O. Box 28, West Farmington, and Amanda L. Fry, 25, of 3351 Bradley Brownlee Road, Cortland.

Jessy T. Maynard, 27, of 841 Packard St. NW, Warren, and Kristie L. McGowan, 26, of same.

Kevin R. Fortune, 24, of 835 Texas Ave., McDonald, and Ariel E. Walker, 20, of 220 Earl Drive, Warren.

Chad M. Kothera, 27, of 4105 Smith Stewart Road, Vienna, and Ashley M. White, 23, of 156 Mistletoe Road, Niles.

New complaints

County treasurer v. Robert E. Krotky et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Charlotte A. Christy et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Shirley Pence et al, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Charley F. Webb et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Vera Kelly et al, foreclosure.

Champion Mortgage Co. v. Francis F. Whetstone et al, foreclosure.

Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles v. Robert F. Rizzo et al, foreclosure.

Household Realty Corp. v. Kimberly Garland et al, foreclosure.

M&T Bank v. Deborah Buckner et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Jeffrey J. Dew et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Jendi R. Pregibon et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Lonnie D. Wiles et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Christina Kays et al, foreclosure.

Maryann F. Sayavich et al v. Cole Valley Motor Co. Ltd. et al, other civil.

William Jones v. Dolgencorp Inc. et al, other civil.

Northeast Cable Television Systems v. James T. Pantalone Sr. et al, other civil.

Deidra Dodson v. Willow Lake Park et al, other civil.

State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. Katherine Sims, other civil.

Discover Bank v. Darryl Coleman, other civil.

First National Bank of Omaha v. Angel M. Starr, other civil.

Martha A. Templeton v. Tim Wolfe, other civil.

David A. Pishotti v. CVS Pharmacy, other civil.

George L. Duval v. Emma A. Williams et al, other civil.

Gloe A. Hull v. Samantha D. Wright et al, other civil.

State of Ohio Ex Rel City of Warren Law Director v. Annie M. Foster et al, other civil.

CACH LLC v. Breane M. Shriver, other civil.

Home Owners Insurance Co. v. Zachary W. McCleary et al, other civil.

Marcia Washington v. Amanda Salmons et al, other torts.

Veronica McCarthy v. Village of Lordstown, other torts.

Betty J. Dickerhoof v. Michelle M. Cox, other torts.

Matthew J. Matey v. Roselyn C. Ragozine et al, other torts.

Kelly A. Graham v. KMB Inc. et al, other torts.

Julie Sarahs et al v. Machinery Transport Inc. et al, other torts.

Mary Potts v. Forum Health et al, workers’ compensation.

Edward G. Hoffman v. UPS Ground Freight Inc. et al, workers’ compensation.

County Clerk of Courts v. Daniel R. Martin, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Wilbert Johnson, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. John A. Bustard, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Uncle Butters LLC, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Amanda J. Belski, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Scott L. Wilson, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Geico General Insurance Co., money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Renee White, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Deborah L. Veverka, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Deanna O’Connor, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Carolyn Guesman, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Lori A. Myers, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Anthony R. Cordero, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Randy J. O’Neill, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Clarence A. Trinity, money.

County Clerk of Courts v. Tawanna B. Fitzpatrick, money.

TD Bank USA NA v. Glen R. Gaugler et al, money.

Geauga Credit Union Inc. v. Heather Christlieb, money.

LVNV Funding LLC v. Carol S. Ferry, money.

Annulments Asked

Rhys B. Cartwright-Jones v. Andrea A. Ashelman.

Dissolutions Asked

Michelle R. Bailey and Ronald T. Bailey Sr.

John J. Merchant and Monica S. Merchant.

Heather Schneider and Jeremy Schneider.

Chester Finney and Barbara E. Finney.

Divorces Asked

Tracy Young v. Michael Young.

Renaye Linert v. Brandon Linert.

Jada Beasley v. Duane R. Williams.

Dawn L. Bates v. Donald J. Bates Sr.

Ashley M. Garvin v. Edward Garvin.

Joseph D. Lipps v. Amber M. Lipps.

Scott D. Gollner v. Karen A. Triscas.

Stephanie C. Jones v. Jon C. Jones.

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