Pop culture Q&A

Pop culture Q&A

By Rich Heldenfels

Q. I was watching a show called “Fairly Legal.” Then the season ended. But I keep seeing more and more shows are returning, and I haven’t seen anything about “Fairly Legal.” Has the show been canceled or what?

A. USA Network decided to end the series in 2012 after two seasons. But its star, Sarah Shahi, hasn’t disappeared. She has had a recurring role on NBC’s “Chicago Fire” as Renee Royce, and then guest-starred in several episodes of CBS’ “Person of Interest” as Samantha Shaw. She will be a regular on the latter show this fall. (I don’t know why she keeps playing characters whose first and last names start with the same letter.)

Q. I wonder if you can tell me if there is going to be another season of “Ice Road Truckers.” I liked all the drivers even though I thought they were nuts.

A. A new season began Sunday on History. During the new episodes, says the network, “old rivalries hit an all-time high as two different companies with legendary truckers go head-to-head and try to put each other out of business.” Hugh “Polar Bear” Rowland is back, but with his own business competing with former employer Polar Industries. But Polar has the likes of Alex Debogorski, Darrell Ward and, back in the game, Lisa Kelly. So expect conflict as well as road perils.

Q. Will there be more of “Too Fat For 15,” which aired on MTV, and “I Used to Be Fat”? Also, “Chelsea Settles” was a reality show on MTV that I cannot find info about.

A. “Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back,” which followed overweight young people attending a weight-loss school, aired on the Style Network for two seasons in 2010 and 2011, but I have not seen news about any telecasts since. “I Used to Be Fat,” another series about weight loss and young people, has not had a new episode on MTV since 2011, around the same time that “Chelsea Settles” ended its first and only season on the network.

That show chronicled Settles’ weight-loss efforts, where she lost more than 100 pounds, dropping from a size 26 to about a size 12-14. But Settles said in an interview with Styleblazer.com in January that “I would never do another docuseries ever. It was so hard for me, just filming for 12 hours, eight hours some days, and the show was only 50 minutes.”

Q. Will the TNT show “Monday Mornings” be coming back? Or will basketball be on forever? I thought all these playoff games ended at the end of March Madness.

A. Although I often have heard from fans of the medical drama, TNT decided not to renew it for a second season; the 10-episode first season concluded in April. The games on TNT lately were part of the National Basketball Association playoffs. March Madness involves college basketball; in fact, the NCAA owns the term and says it refers only to NCAA Division I college basketball championships.

Q. Will the “Batman” TV series from the ’60s finally be coming to DVD?

A. There were hopes among the fans of the Adam West-Burt Ward series in 2012 when 20th Century Fox, which owns the TV show, and Warner Bros., which owns Batman generally, worked out a deal for merchandise tied to the series. But a representative of Warner’s DVD/Blu-ray operation told me recently, “We don’t have any plans at this time” for a DVD release. As the Comics Alliance website noted at the time of the merchandising deal, rights issues are “an absolute nightmare.”

“The sheer amount of guest stars and cameos over the course of three seasons causes a legal headache,” said the Alliance analysis, “as does the fact that there’s a separate set of rights for the design of the classic Batmobile — which is why it’s one of the few things you can find a licensed product of. Throw in disputes between the production companies, the involvement of ABC, the clearances for music and a bunch of contracts that were signed 20 years before home video was even a concern for Hollywood, and you’ve got a pretty thorny situation.”

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