North Lima man claims he was assaulted in Boardman Walmart parking lot

Staff report


A North Lima man told police he was assaulted by an employee of a locksmith just after 10 p.m. Thursday at the Walmart store here.

According to a police report, the man told police he was shoved by another man in the parking lot who was driving a van with a business name on the side.

The man told police he pulled into a handicapped parking space at the store when he noticed the other man pull into the handicapped space next to him.

The man was curious to know how the driver of a work vehicle could park in the spot, even though there was a handicapped placard visible.

The North Lima man went into the store hoping for an explanation from the store manager. He wasn’t satisfied with the answer he received so he waited for the man driving the van to come back so he could “politely” ask him why and how he is allowed to park there, according to a report.

When he approached the van driver, the driver became angered and pushed the man 6 to 8 feet backward. When the North Lima man turned away and started going back to his vehicle, the van driver followed him. The North Lima man eventually made it back to his car and was not injured, according to a report.

The man told police he plans to call the business named on the van to figure out who the driver was.

The man also told police the incident was recorded by surveillance cameras at Walmart, but police are unsure of that.

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