Gee whiz! Notre Dame, YSU now share the same status

Gee whiz! Notre Dame, YSU now share the same status

When a high-speed train was being considered for Ohio, Youngstown State University was supposed to house the research center with a test track running north.

But retiring Ohio State President Dr. Gordon Gee assured all and sundry that there were only two quality engineering schools in Ohio: Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University.

He insisted that YSU was unqualified to conduct a research program. I think I convinced the people that we could handle it, but the voters shot the program down.

Now after Gee’s disparaging remarks about the Fighting Irish, we have been joined by Notre Dame as lesser institutions.

George F. Sutton, Ph.D., Poland

Sutton is dean emeritus of YSU’s College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Veterans now can use hand salute to show respect for American flag

It appears to be a little-known fact that our veterans now have the privilege to render a hand salute when the U.S. flag is raised and lowered, passes in review, during the Pledge of Allegiance and during the playing of the national anthem.

This privilege was originally written into Section 594 of the National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year 2009. (Public Law No. 110-181 of the United States Code). It was further clarified by U.S. Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma to read as shown above. Veterans need not be in uniform.

During the Pledge of Allegiance, your hand salute is your pledge. If you are wearing a hat, you need not remove it while saluting during any of the flag ceremonies.

I, for one, as a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, will continue to enjoy the privilege of rendering a hand salute at every opportunity.

I encourage all veterans to do the same. You earned this privilege.

Frank A. Micchia, Canfield