Obama administration is using intimidation with shades of fascism

Obama administration is using intimidation with shades of fascism

I have been politically active for most of my life. Never have I seen a more serious threat to our nation and our liberty than the current IRS scandal. This is government at its worst.

One can rationalize, apologize, theorize or legalize. There is no excuse for using the IRS, the FBI, or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for political intimidation. It is illegal with overtones of fascism and communism. There is no selective enforcement of the law for political purposes. There is no “nuance,” as opined in The Vindicator last week.

For those who are willing to dismiss what has happened as just a tea-party thing, you should remember it was the Progressives who pioneered the use of 501(C)(3) and (4) organizations as political vehicles. The sanctity of donor lists as applies to these organizations dates back to the NAACP during the civil-rights movement. More recent examples include ACORN, Media Matters, Moveon.org, and the Ruckus Society (the Occupy Wall Street people).

The president’s campaign committees from both elections have morphed into a 501(C) (4) called Organizing for Action. One hears of no IRS holdup or scrutiny for any of these groups. All of these organizations have used 501 (C) vehicles to promote a political agenda in the guise of community organizing, media research or social welfare. But let the tea party take a page from the Progressive playbook, and all hell breaks loose.

I support all public servants. The IRS has a thankless job. Most employees are good and honest civil servants trying to do good work. But something happened. You have to be off in space not to begin to connect the dots. These good employees could not and would not have come up with this on their own. Somebody had to tell them to do it. They achieved their goals. It helped swing an election.

Election campaign laws are neutral. It’s the enforcement that is bad. The erosion of freedom comes slowly so it’s not noticed. The current administration is walking a very thin Nixonian line.

It is corrupt to the core. Today they went after the tea party. Who will they go after tomorrow?

When it happens to you, it’s not so funny. Government largesse or scrutiny is a door that swings both ways.

Atty. Mark G. Mangie, Canfield

Youngstown policeman enhanced visit to city for Pickler concert

On May 29, my daughter, sister and I headed to Youngstown and Stambaugh Auditorium to see country singer Kellie Pickler perform. The concert was great. Pickler and her opening act both put on a great show.

When we got to the auditorium, we saw a Youngstown police officer (Joe Fergus) who we stopped to ask about parking.

He was just so nice and went out of his way to show us the best place to park, and when we went to cross the street he helped us cross safely.

I just wanted to give a shout out to him as he went above the call of duty and made himself available to us twice that evening.

Melody Province, Sharon, Pa.

America must remain vigilant against acts of domestic terrorism

Should we as a nation become more aggressive in domestic surveillance after the Boston Marathon bombings?

As more and more people of interest come forward in this incident, these questions are asked: Could this have been foreseen?

Is our intelligence-gathering community missing key indicators, or are they hampered by political red tape?

Should we look at how intelligence is gathered and reviewed and what may slip through the creaks?

Great care must be taken, however, to ensure that the rights of the individual are never in jeopardy.

We have enemy combatants on American soil just waiting to get the phone call. A good example is the Anna Chapman ordeal of a few years ago, when the KGB was alive and well here in the United States.

Islamic militant groups are also a threat and are ever present both here and abroad. We must become ever vigilant to this growing threat to our security. A clear and present danger exists and must be addressed with all deliberate speed to identify these threats to our national security, both foreign and domestic.

Jim Eidel, Beaver Township

Concealed-carry permit holders need education on limits of use

Fox News recently reported that a young military veteran, in defending his home from a would-be break-in by a burglar, was arrested and in big trouble.

The news report made it sound as if this was a terrible injustice. They reported the home owner kept firing his gun at the assailant as he was running away. That is where the big trouble happened. Military training to the contrary, I hope the criminal-justice system cuts him some slack.

Any concealed-carry class will teach students that when the aggression against you or your family has stopped, your deadly response stops. While you can legally have a gun in your home for personal defense, you must know the rest of the laws covering its use.

Home ownership and concealed-carry permits for firearms are only that — to own and/or to conceal and carry.

If you fire or even brandish your weapon, there are other laws that cover those infractions, and you better know them.

Gun ownership for self-defense requires responsible and safe-handling knowledge. Concealed- carry classes are worth their weight in gold.

Tom Page, Boardman

All involved in Austintown schools helped district earn highest rating

Austintown Local SCHOOLS recently received the Excellent with Distinction rating from the Ohio Department of Education for the 2011-12 school year. As a past member of the Austintown Board of Education for 28 years, I congratulate the residents of Austintown, the parents of our students, the students, the teachers, staff, members of the Board of Education and our Superintendent Vincent Colaluca.

The Excellent with Distinction rating from the Ohio Department of Education is a great honor achieved with dedication of all involved with the education of our Austintown students.

This rating places the Austintown schools above many other schools in the United States and indicates that the Austintown schools are among the best in kindergarten through 12th-grade education standards. This is not an award that is given but an award that is earned by all involved.

I am proud to be a resident of Austintown and proud to say that our schools received the Excellent with Distinction rating, a designation that does not come easy.

Congratulations to everyone for a job well done.

Joyce Pogany, Austintown