A scary view of the future

A scary view of the future

A reporter who was on the site during the rioting in one of the Greece cities spoke to several of the young rioters. He asked them why all this destruction, what do they expect to gain? He received the same answer from all of them. “We want to get the attention of the government and have police on our side.” “What then?” the reporter asked. “Then we have a revolution.” A revolution!

Do those poor misguided people have any idea what they are talking about? Are they aware of what is going on in the world? That over 70,000 people have been slaughtered in the country of Syria. Many are women, children and noncombatant. This senseless slaughter has been going on for two years with no end in sight. Power kegs are igniting throughout the Middle East promoted by religious fanatics bent on converting the world to their beliefs.

May 1st, a day celebrated by the Communist countries, was also celebrated by small groups in several of our cities. These goons demonstrated against our capitalist system of government. Seattle was one of the gathering places. The First Amendment states peaceful gatherings are allowed but the destruction of government and private property and violent confrontations with the police are not peaceful. Several police were injured and 13 of the demonstrators were arrested.

What is behind these demonstrations in this country? Are these people so brain washed they think the socialist and communist doctrines will fix all the woes they are so excited about? They should consider the possibility that by their exercising the privileges of the First Amendment to the extreme they might be taxing the patience of those who have done so much to keep the First Amendment healthy and strong.

These people are not stupid but seem to be existing in their own little world which is being continually reinforced by the far left trash flowing out of our schools and colleges.

Fox News put a man on the streets of New York City. He talked to a few young people who appeared to be college age or slightly older. He asked several if they had heard about the Benghazi incident. No one could say they had. One young man said he thought he had heard something, but knew no details. Another young man of college age could not come up with the name of our vice president. These are just two examples of the quality of answers he received from these young people.

I wonder what we can expect from these young people when they again approach the ballot box?

Leon J. White, Columbiana