Use CCA to clean up park’s mess

Use CCA to clean up park’s mess

This is to reinforce Dolores Falgiani’s letter regarding CCA and the benefits and success with their efforts to assist those participants to build a work ethic and importantly self-esteem. Now if only they could expand into Mill Creek Park, if the board will take their example and hint.

CCA could offer leadership and manpower to correct lapses by the board in not clearing out the main stream north of 224 to restore its pre-development (say early ’70s) flow and volume, thus reclaiming the 224 swamp they created, along with the flooding of Boardman and upstream taxpayers who fund Mill Creek Park. Canfield in particular has invested millions in four projects to control the volume to the current “swamp.”

What has the park board done? “We must let nature take its course,” doesn’t fly.

During development the board didn’t pressure for volume control of increased “hard surface” run-off. If we don’t “mess with mother nature” why did they plant trees in wetlands along Western Reserve Road, wetlands created by the board’s inaction, along with golf course and the other man-made facilities promoting funds and support of the limited users?

It is time to stop the flooding with CCA’s example by clearing the creek and adjacent woods to allow for more people-oriented access beyond the bike trail.

Again, congratulations to CCA and its leadership and its most positive contributions and benefits to the city, more then many other organizations, both private and public. The new director has big shoes to fill.

Daniel Victor Bienko, Canfield