Trials test trust in God

None of us enjoys the prospect of waiting on God’s timing when we are in the midst of a painful trial.

It is so hard not to look through our troubles and still believe that God is working all things out.

It is difficult when the future seems hopeless and completely out of our control to change.

In God’s word, we read that being out of our own control is actually a victory.

Every time God led his people to victory, He had to first render them powerless in their own might.

Job lost his children, his riches and his health, but God was still able to bless the second half of his life more than the first.

Gideon’s army of 32,000 was reduced to just 300 men who had no weapons, yet with God’s power they were able to take down the Midian army and make them flee.

King Hezekiah was no match for the vast Assyrian army who was coming against the Israelites. However, during the night, the angel of the Lord went through the enemy’s camp and struck down 185,000 Midianites. The Israelites rose the next morning to find that the entire army was defeated by the hand of God.

Remember that the outcome of every battle you face is always victory when you are in Christ.

You will have to fight the good fight in this perishing world, but nothing has the power to destroy you.

All things are being worked out for your good according to God’s plan.

Through the sacrifice of Christ, you can know without a doubt that your future has been established in heaven.

In Matthew 14, when Peter saw Christ walking on the water, he spoke out, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” Jesus told him to come and Peter got out and began walking on top of the water.

It was a miracle yet when waves grew larger, he was afraid and began to sink.

What made Peter afraid? The same wind and waves were there when he got out of the boat. Somehow, as he walked on the water toward Christ, Peter took his eyes from him. As the wind blew and waves rose, Peter stopped believing that Christ alone could keep him safe on the water and started to think that he needed to do something to stay up there, too.

Once you believe that Christ is not enough for your impossible situation, you begin to sink. You look to your own power and strength to overcome your struggle and it will never be enough.

It is only in surrendering completely your weakness that you gain Christ’s strength.

Your faith is revealed when you trust that you do not have to see the answer to your prayer to know that it is before the throne of God and under his authority.

Victory over all of your trials comes when you can trust that God’s timing is right and that His will is perfect.

Peace comes from knowing that God will never fail you no matter how impossible your situation seems.

He takes no pleasure in having you wait but each one of your struggles is a divine appointment with a merciful God who wants to reveal more of himself to you.

The testing of your faith produces a steadfastness that will have its complete effect that you may be complete and lacking in nothing.

There is a purpose for your pain. It is working out a greater good. It is preparing you to be royalty, reigning with Christ in a kingdom that will never end.

Though the days grow dark and filled with evil, believers have nothing to fear for their future is one of power.

We are told in Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

“Although God’s ways may be hard to figure out, remember that he took you this far and he is more than able to get you to the finish line.

God’s faithfulness will never end.

Don’t let your heart be troubled by the problems of this world.

Christ is coming back soon to make all things new.

Keep your eyes on him and focus on what is true and right.

The lies of the enemy have no power to steal your joy so don’t surrender it to him.

Hold on to the heritage that you have because of the price Christ paid for you.

Stand strong to the end knowing that God’s plan for you will work out not only for today but for ten thousand years down the way when you shall still find ways to praise him for all he has done.

Marianne Bernard attends Old North Church in Canfield.

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