Group seeks drilling ban in Colorado

Group seeks drilling ban in Colorado


A group of Colorado Springs residents is suing the city in hopes of eventually banning oil and gas drilling, including hydraulic fracturing, within city limits.

Colorado Springs Citizens for Community Rights have filed a lawsuit, urging the 4th Judicial District Court to overturn a city decision blocking a petition to amend the city charter to ban drilling. The city has denied the petition a title that it needs before it can be circulated.

Several Colorado towns are grappling with how to regulate fracking, which involves shooting water, sand and chemicals underground to release oil and gas.

The Daily Camera reports the Boulder City Council will consider a fracking moratorium in June. Fort Collins has banned the practice, as has Longmont, which faces a lawsuit from the state.

Athens seeks ban on injection wells


Athens City Council unanimously passed a one-reading resolution in May to voice its support for a proposed statewide ban on injection wells.

Legislation recently was introduced in the statehouse by Reps. Denise Dreihaus and Robert Hagan and state Senator Michael Skindell to ban disposal of fracking waste in injection wells in the state of Ohio.

“I’m in full support of this resolution for a number of reasons,” said Athens City Councilman Steve Patterson.

“As I understand it, the regulation of these particular wells is fairly lax in terms of inspections,” he said. “Inspections are every five years and a 30-minute pressure hold to satisfy the safety of these particular wells, so I think this is a huge concern.”

The resolution passed by the council states that “the disposal of toxic drilling and fracking waste is likely to become a long-term problem for Ohioans, far outweighing any short-term economic gains to our state from serving as a dumping ground for this waste.”

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