A biblical answer to what ails us

A biblical answer to what ails us

What is wrong with this world and this country in particular? People killing for money, notoriety, sex, religion or just nothing at all.

A long time ago a very well know man warned us with five words in one single sentence. And those words tell the solution to the whole problem with mankind. Here they are. In Matthew 26:72 (ASV) the apostle Peter, when confronted with his faith in Christ stated, “I know not the man.” Later he went out and wept bitterly because of his lack of faith when it was challenged. The whole problem with mankind all over the world is it saying the same thing Peter said without even knowing it. But their lifestyle proves they mimic the words in action, just like Peter did.

Morals will never change, and life as we know it will never change until mankind yells at the top of their voices, “I know the man,” and then live a life to prove it, as Peter did after he repented of what he had denied.

We have no hope as long as the atheist and the evolutionist exist without being challenged, as long as false religions prosper and as long as ignorance about Christ and His Word prevail. And as long as garbage is being taught in our schools as a fact, that denies the existence of the Christ who offers all the answers mankind will ever need.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman