State Rep. Letson says he’ll probably challenge zoning-violation notice

Staff report


State Rep. Tom Letson of Warren, D-64th, says he will probably challenge the notice of violation he received July 18 from the Warren Engineering, Planning and Building Department over a house he owns on Foster Drive Northeast.

The notice said an investigation was conducted at 3171 Foster Drive after a complaint was received regarding the home being used outside of the scope of its single-family residential zoning.

The letter says an investigation showed that the sleeping rooms and basement area were being used by people who were paying a fee to live there “and is no longer being occupied as a single-family unit.”

The rooms and spaces are “being offered or otherwise intended to be used for short periods of time but not intended to be used as a permanent residence,” the letter says.

The letter gives Letson until Aug. 20 to have the purported occupancy violation corrected. The zoning that would be needed for that use is one that allows for boarding and rooming houses, the letter says, adding that Letson has the right to appeal the violation notice in writing.

Letson, when contacted Friday, said he believes he will challenge the violation on the grounds that the city did not contact him or his tenants about the violation before conducting an inspection.

Letson said he leased the home to two people, and one of those people allowed his brother to stay there. The last he knew, only the brother was living there, he said.

The first he heard of any problem was when he received the violation notice, he said.

Asked if he knew whether any boarding was being done at the house, Letson said he didn’t know and had not asked the two people on the lease about it.

Letson, an attorney, lives on Tod Avenue Northwest.

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