Egypt’s interim president vows to protect country from violence

Associated Press


Egypt’s interim president pledged Thursday to protect his country against those who seek chaos and violence in the aftermath of a popularly backed military coup, promising that justice and reconciliation will be for all.

President Adly Mansour gave his first address to the nation ahead of planned protests today by ousted President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt’s military, already worried by post-coup violence that has killed more than 60 people, issued a stern warning about causing unrest during the scheduled protests by both the Brotherhood and Morsi opponents.

In his eight-minute, pre-recorded message broadcast on state television, Mansour said Egypt is going through a “decisive period” in its history where some want to drag the country toward the “unknown” and cause chaos.

“They want this period to be an introduction to violence and blood, and we want it to establish for the concept of protecting lives and human rights,” Mansour said.

He did not name those who he said “are pushing the nation toward the abyss thinking they are doing good” — but clearly was referring to pro-Morsi demonstrators. He said those who protested against Morsi starting June 30 are “the genuine owners of legitimacy.”

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