Signs of economic recovery

Vicksburg (Miss.) Post: Golding Barge Line Inc.’s plan to place a manufactured office building on its riverfront property is a small step in economic recovery, but its causes and consequences are grand.

The shipping company is adding 50 to 60 jobs as it increases its towboat fleet from 14 to 20 boats, and we believe it is good news all around for Vicksburg.

A few dozen new jobs is far from an economic cure-all, but Golding and the Vicksburg Board of Zoning Appeals, which granted a zoning exception for the office space, have planted the seeds from which American capitalism springs forth and flourishes.

A new building means increased property value, which yields more property taxes and, therefore, more money for the city to spend on vital projects. Jobs create taxpayers and foster spending and economic growth within the community for the benefit of the city, county, state and nation.

Zoning exception

The board’s allowance of a zoning exception for the building is proof that it understands the implications of Golding’s growth and that the city is committed to harboring economic prosperity.

When the manufactured building is placed on Golding’s lot at the Mississippi River, it might not be much to look at, but it’s something of which Vicksburg and the world can be proud.

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