Marriage licenses

Brandon M. Duncan, 28, 60-2 Montgomery Drive, Canfield, and Nicole L. Vlajkovich, 29, of same.

Korey D. Kelley, 24, 4274 Gull Prairie Drive, Kalamazoo, Mich., and Cortney J. Herubin, 24, of same.

Jeffrey L. Wuenstel, 47, 7010 West Lake Road, Fairview, Pa., and Mindy A. Ritzler, 25, 4026 E. Calla Road, New Middletown.

Michael A. Mancini, 27, 1845 Alverne Drive, Poland, and Rebecca M. Henry, 24, of 6118 Diana Drive, Poland.

Jeremy W. Hart, 32, 1912 Whipporwill Drive, Greenwood, Ark., and Lindsay M. Cummings, 26, 10080 Western Reserve Road, Canfield.

Joseph G. Michael Jr., 27, 514 Green Garden Drive, Boardman, and Nicole C. Campbell, 31, of same.

Chad E. DeWitt, 26, 13948 state Route 534, Salem, and Taylor N. Votaw, 25, 13550 Bandy Road, Alliance.

Martin J. Leonelli, 60, 845 Marmion Ave., Youngstown, and Laurie L. Johnstone, 48, of same.

John D. Tsikouris, 27, 311 Sanderson Ave., Campbell, and Christian E. Milsom, 25, of same.

Edwin Y. Lopez, 40, 40 S. Garland Ave., Youngstown, and Nayda L. Olmo-Carmona, 41, of same.

Nicholas J. Sharpe, 33, 76 Romaine Ave., Boardman, and Sabrina T. Kolat, 35, of same.

Robert E. Powell, 29, 457 Maplewood Ave., Struthers, and Ashton A. Stoffer, 25, of same.

Derrick P. Fouse, 27, 9453 N. Yuma Trail, Negley, and Kira L. Wrieth, 28, 6155 Chidester Drive, Canfield.

Brandon M. Plants, 26, 20 W. Hill Drive, Canfield, and Brianna J. Starr, 33, of same.

Orlando Sanabria, 31, 2476 W. Manor Ave., Poland, and Darcie M. Eggleston, 29, of same.

Michael C. Schragal Jr., 19, 129 Perry St., Struthers, and Shanna M. Brown, 19, 655 W. Pine Lake Road, North Lima.

Steven B. Schut, 52, 2901 Noel Drive, Youngstown, and Sarah S. Ford, 40, of same.

Chet A.C. Flickinger, 35, Boardman, and Christina M. Eichert, 40, of same.

Russell A. Koscelansky, 22, 14226 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg,and Amanda J. Ortz, 21, of same.

Clayton R. Nabors, 24, 412 Melrose Ave., Boardman, and Courtney N. Deemer, 20, 10202 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, New Middletown.

Jacob R. Bailey, 32, 1319 E. Main St., Louisville, Ohio, and Andrea M. Diyorio, 30, 1852 Chapel Hill Drive, Youngstown.

George D. Faber, legal age, 3672 Acton Ave., Austintown, and Janet S. DeCesare, legal age, of same.

Stephen C. Mapus, 32, 6321 St. Andrews Drive, Unit 11, Canfield, and Erika L. Platton, 25, of same.

Annulments asked

Maria Papadopoulos, 815 Almasy Drive, Campbell, v. George Melas, 10920 Airline Highway, Apt. 23, Baton Rouge, La.

Divorces asked

Miranda Alberter, 3871 Dunbar St., Austintown, v. Joshawah S. Alberter, 2119 S. 11th Ave., Yuma, Ariz.

Cindi M. Boyer, 6070 Tam O Shanter Drive, Poland, v. Dale P. Boyer, 2706 Spitler Road, Poland.

Teresa M. Santilli, 8144 Hunting Valley Drive, Boardman, v. Richard R. Santilli, 143 Hickory Lane, Austintown.

Roxanne Morella, 5024 Timbercrest Road, Canfield, v. Joseph J. Morella Jr., same.

Dissolutions asked

David W. Wallace, 409 Autumn Drive, Carmel, Ind., and Stacey L. Wallace, 9191 North Lima Road, Unit 52 D, Poland.

James A. Garland, 4188 Canfield Road, Canfield, and Pamela A. Garland, 1362 Buckingham Gate Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls.

Thomas J. Weimer, 471 Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, and Mary E. Weimer, 1529 W. Montrose St., Youngstown.

New complaints

Sat Adlaka et al v. Maria Lambrinos et al, money.

Sat Adlaka et al v. Top Driver, money.

Donald L. Egolf v. ADT LLC et al, workers’ compensation.

Mahoning/Youngstown Mini-Loan Fund Inc. v. Steven L. Shaffer et al, money.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Diane Lapaze et al, foreclosure in rem.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Michelle L. Gennaro et al, money and foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Daniel H. Thompkins et al, foreclosure.

Michelle Glaros v. Joshua Tancer et al, other torts.

James Chismar Jr. et al v. Ntense Workout Inc. et al, money.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. James Jones, deceased, et al, foreclosure and transfer of title.

Jandi M. Palozzi et al v, Brandon K. Vanfossen, money.

George Mirich v. Brittany N. Montgomery et al, other torts.

Brittany Young v. City of Youngstown et al, money.

Ethan C. Dudash v. Jesse B. Collins et al, other torts.

Frank Bigowsky v. Raymond Chartier et al, other torts.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Rodney S. Smith et al, foreclosure.

PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Patricia A. Herlinger et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Robert J. Judy et al, foreclosure and reformation.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Darlene R. Lego et al, foreclosure.

John N. Hryronak et al v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. et al, other torts.

Thomas A. Mraz et al v. Chary L. Hively et al, other torts.

Youngstown State University et al v. Joshua J. Cattoi, money.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Scott G. Primm, money.

Michael C. Milne v. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation et al, workers’ compensation.

Mary Moskalik v. Mill Creek MetroParks et al, other torts.

Maroun Tabet et al v. Peppe Patrone Smith, money.

Discover Bank v. Danielle Raines, money.

Geraldine Andrews v. Home-Owners Insurance Co., other civil.

Thomas A. Blough et al v. Daniel S. Ferreri et al, other torts.

PNC Bank NA v. James R. Clement et al, money.

Guy Wert et al v. Sandra Burns et al, other torts.

JaKari Lumsden et al v. Kyliel Griffin et al, other torts.

US Bank Trust NA v. James M. Silvia et al, foreclosure.

Titus Tatar v. Kenneth L. Robbins, other torts.

Karen Adlaka et al v. Terry Stephens et al, money.


State v. Ahmad R. Flannigan, sentenced to three years in prison on counts one and two and one year on counts three and four to be served concurrently.

State v. Daniel Wellington, sentenced to 11 years in prison.

State v. Christopher Stevens, sentenced to five years’ community control through APA.

State v. Reginald Ware, sentenced to four years in prison.

State v. Anthony M. Salata, sentenced to 18 months on counts one and two and two years on count four.

State v. Devon C. Clemens, sentenced to four years’ community control through APA.

State v. Raylen W. Wallace, sentenced to 30 months in prison and license suspended for six months.(2)

State v. Arnold Stone, sentenced to two years’ community control through APA.

State v. Robert Partridge, sentenced to five years’ community control through APA.

State v. Leonard Ellis, sentenced to four years’ community control through APA.

State v. Demetrius Dixon, sentenced to two years in prison.

State v. Donald Dunlap III, sentenced to five years’ community control through APA and license suspended for six months.

US Bank NA v. Kristen D. Wilshusen et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

CitiBank South Dakota NA v. Linda C. Frazzini, order of distribution.

Alex Chavarriaga et al v. American Remodelers LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Discover Bank v. William O. Flowers, decision of magistrate.

Centerpoint Medical Center v. Tiffany S. Seruch, order of distribution.

George N. Pantelis v. Bridges R Us Painting Co. Inc. et al, dismissed. (2)

CitiBank NA v. Donald Hamed, order of magistrate.

Carole McIntyre Weiszer v. Huntington National Bank, order of magistrate.

HSBC Bank USA v. James LeBaron et al, foreclosure.

Vernon Akins et al v. Crystal Westfall, settled and dismissed.

Nancy McDermott et al v. Kira Rendes et al, order of magistrate.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Joshua Giuriceo, decision of magistrate.

South I Leasing Co. LLC v. Irene Reynolds, judgment for plaintiff.

Progressive Specialty Insurance Co. v. Sara Ivy, judgment for plaintiff.

Alply Architectural Building Systems LLC v. Thomas Panels Inc., dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Douglas M. Hyde et al, order of magistrate.

Deborah Elliott v. Aurienn N. Jones, order of magistrate.

Real estate

June L. Horstead to Mitchell Kitay, E. Judson Ave., Youngstown, $10,000.

Robert A. Bowman to Edward Goldstein, Imperial St., Youngstown, $4,400.

Monica S. Hrenko et al to Henry C. Matthews et al, London Drive, Youngstown, $95,000.

Michael Ryba to Ray J. Potter et al, Denver Drive, Poland, $99,900.

US Bank NA to Rhonda Pettit, Sexton St., Struthers, $45,900.

Tammy Senivisky to Kevin W. Steele, Rita Ave., Austintown, $80,000.

Household Realty Corp. to Frank Marra et al, Salinas Trail, Boardman, $27,000.

Canfield Metal Coating Corp. to Canfield Coating LLC, W. Main St., Canfield, $1,200,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Franco Betancourt, Risher Road, Youngstown, $20,500.

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