City worker responds in a jiffy

City worker responds in a jiffy

It seems we always hear the negative regarding what the city does and reaction time.

I would like to say that is not always true, especially at the Health Department. There was a problem in our neighborhood. I called Cicero Davis at the Youngstown Health Department on a Monday, and on Tuesday the problem was solved.

Sometimes it is impossible for things to work this fast, but in this instance, that is how it happened. Don’t lose faith in your city workers.

Lynn Pipoly, Youngstown

Community comes to dog rescue

While visiting our families in the Boardman/Canfield area over the Independence Day holiday, our dog, Allie, broke free from her leash and was lost in an area that was unfamiliar to her.

After hours of searching for her and having no success, we appealed to the community by distributing fliers and posting to various local websites and social media sites.

With sightings of Allie in the Huntington Woods area of Boardman, we focused our search there, and on July 4—nearly 48 hours later— a family on Hunters Glen lured Allie into their yard and leashed her.

The happy outcome of this story could not have been possible without the generous help of so many people. The residents of Huntington Woods/Hunters Ridge/Hunters Glen/Mercedes Place/Twin Oaks were incredibly gracious, helpful and compassionate. They allowed us to invade their neighborhood in our quest to find Allie. They were patient as the search party grew to more than 50 people canvassing the woods, their streets, and their backyards.

As educators in Georgia, we certainly know how important and powerful community is. Our visit on this Independence Day holiday will never be forgotten, and it was a fitting reminder that “there is no place like home.”

Nick, Lindsay & Jackson Brenner, Flowery Branch, Ga.