Marriage licenses

Timothy M. Corey, 52, of 228 S. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, and Barbara K. Price, 51, of same.

Steven R. Hood, 24, of 5461 W. Rockwell Road, Austintown, and Jennifer M. Hudock, 23, of 4465 Messerly Road, Canfield.

Shawn A. Canter, 42, of 4882 Westchester Drive, Unit 4, Austintown, and Christine A. Fitz-Patrick, 43, of same.

Roger A. Lineberry, 48, of 546 Forest Ave., Poland, and Shelly S. Van Meter, 42, of 9525 Woodworth Road, Lot C32, North Lima.

David R. Manion, 58, of 8423 Colwyn Court, Unit 1, Boardman, and Cheryl A. Gorski, 56, of same.

Christopher L. Stewart, 24, of 12265 Unity Road, New Springfield, and Stephanie N. Herriott, 27, of same.

Jeremy J. Dick, 31, of 4290 Woodleigh Lane, Youngstown, and Allyson R. Snedegar, 26, of same.

Newell Jackson, 58, of 726 John St., Youngstown, and Lydia D. Mathew, 44, of 608 Elliott St. NE, Washington, D.C.

Jason L. Wessel, 24, of 805 Bradyville Pike, Apt. 1511, Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Jasminne M. Grimm, 22, of same.

Kevin E. Bigelow, 33, of 53 W. Lewis St., Struthers, and Sarah A. Cagle, 26, of same.

Justin R. Vanderburg, 32, of 816 Interval Road, Unit A, Hagerstown, Md., and Samantha Jo Kollar, 24, of 106 Estate Lane, Ranson, W.Va.

William A. Hulsman, 57, of 355 S. Pricetown Road, Diamond, and Betty J. Kotch, 55, of same.

William H. Mock, 57, of 3406 Trussit Ave., Youngstown, and Terri L. Ryser, 50, of same.

Richard T. Vernal III, 30, of 7383 E. Huntington Drive, Boardman, and Cara C. Mullane, 28, of same.

Domestic relations

Aimee S. Shogren and Aaron D. Shogren, dissolution granted.

Justin B. Mitchell and Elizabeth L. Mitchell, dissolution granted.

Heather N. Mackey and Jonah B. Mackey, dissolution granted.

Kristin Damigella and John P. Kochansky, dissolution granted.

Amanda J. Harvey and William J. Harvey, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Amanda J. Brickman.

Justin C. Burgy and Fnu Alka, dissolution granted.

Kayde M. Russo and Andrew M. Russo, dissolution granted.

Gregory J. Christopher and Monika M. Christopher, dissolution granted.

Kimberly G. Harvey-Cramb and Robert B. Cramb, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Kimberly G. Harvey.

Heather R. Chunn and Rodney W. Chunn, dissolution granted.

Jerrad L. Rydarowicz and Kristan L. Rydarowicz, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Kristan L. Strong.

Richard R. Brown and Laura A. Brown, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Laura A. Alexander.

Christopher Pinter and Melissa Carbone, dissolution granted.

Jessica Axelson and William Axelson, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Jessica Banna.

Norma J. Leventry and Robert W. Leventry, dissolution granted, wife returns to former name of Norma J. Molinari.

Eric P. Remner and Shelly R. Remner, dissolution granted.

Carla J. Dutko and Dr. Victor M. Dutko Jr., dissolution granted.

Jan M. Earl and Malinda S. Jackson, dissolution granted.

Laura J. Conway and James M. Conway Jr., dissolution granted.

Beth A. Nolder and Timothy S. Nolder, dissolution granted.

Carol L. Singh v. Baljit Singh, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Carol L. Morgan.

Jessica D. Soles v. Brian J. Soles, divorce to both, wife returns to former name of Jessica D. Hock.

Marianne B. Lordi v. Frank A. Lordi, divorce to both.

Amanda I. Kaminski v. James F. Kaminski, divorce to plaintiff.

Edward P. Soltis v. Stacey R. Soltis, divorce to both.

Krista L. McCamon v. James S. McCamon et al, divorce to both.

Dennis J. Scott v. Melissa L. Scott, divorce to defendant.

Becky L. Lafoon v. Scott R. Lafoon Sr., divorce to both, wife returns to former name of Becky L. Jasinski.

Daisy L. Tuscano v. Michael A. Tuscano, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Daisy L. Ocasio.

Lori J. Williams v. Fred A. Williams, divorce to plaintiff.

Shelley A. Damous-Cobb v. David E. Cobb, divorce to plaintiff.

Margaret M. Cole v. Chris C. Cole, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Margaret M. Allen.

Connie A. McMullen v. James E. McMullen, divorce to plaintiff.

Cheryl L. Cornelius v. Kevin R. Cornelius, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Cheryl L. Wells.

Paul A. Spagnola Jr. v. Deborah L. Spagnola, divorce to plaintiff.

Haley Macovitz v. Larry M. Macovitz, dismissed.

Bobbie Hunt v. Jearold H. Hunt Jr., divorce to plaintiff.

Melissa A. Woolf v. Thomas C. Woolf Jr., divorce to plaintiff.

Iris J. Malveaux v. James L. Malveaux, divorce to plaintiff.

Tavon Dubois v. Olga C. Dubois, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Olga Bolanos.

Kiana G. Owens v. Ronnie Owens Jr., divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Kiana G. Lanier.

Jason A. Northcott v. Cynthia S. Northcott, divorce to plaintiff.

Amy D. Hiet v. Michael Hiet Jr., separation granted to plaintiff.

Frederick Hayes Jr. v. Carol A. Hayes, divorce to plaintiff, wife returns to former name of Carol A. Wilkinson.

Mark E. Dean Sr. v. Sharlene Y. Dean, divorce to plaintiff.

Anthony M. Bethel v. Irene Bethel, divorce to plaintiff.

Lorenzo E. Pinkard v. Cathy J. Pinkard, divorce to plaintiff.

Cynthia D. Whitsett v. Ceil C. Scott, dismissed.

Diana Johngrass v. Erin Hallas, dismissed.

Diana Johngrass v. Robert Hallas, dismissed.

Emily A. Stanley v. Gary Gibson, dismissed.

Helen Solinger v. Joseph L. Roberts Jr., dismissed.

Rouz Elkady v. Saleh Fahmawi, dismissed.

Elizabeth Berquist v. Alicia M. Berquist-Almaghariz, dismissed.

Tara Wiland v. John K. Snyder, dismissed.

Jennifer L. Vega v. Nasir A. Hamayel, dismissed.

Harold Brown Jr. v. Alesha M. Cox, dismissed.

Tracy Delesky v. Jason Kuzan, dismissed.

Abdelmuhdi Alhaldibeh v. Jehan Assi, dismissed.

Bonnie Hall v. Otis Logen, dismissed.

Nasir A. Hamayel v. Jennifer L. Vega, dismissed.

Norma J. Thomas v. Antonio D. Cleveland Jr., dismissed.

Ronda J. Ritchie v. Lighton E. Bussard, dismissed.

Beverly J. Magill v. Preston A. Barge Jr., dismissed.

Jennifer L. Snyder v. Emmett T. Perkins III, dismissed.

Stephanie Warren v. Michael D. Jones II, dismissed.

Denise E. Bloom v. Walter D. Nelder, dismissed.

Jennifer M. Latimer v. Raymond R. Ondic Jr., dismissed.

Larry R. Reed Sr. v. George Estell, dismissed.

Loretta A. Thomas v. Patrick M. Horton Sr., dismissed.

Gladys Escalona v. Hector Escalona, dismissed.

Mary E. Heath v. Latosha N. Colman, dismissed.

Janet Fitzhenry v. Daniel Ebert, dismissed.

Sadie Fields v. Jessie L. Mahone Sr., dismissed.

Walter L. Colbrunn v. Debbie L. Colbrunn, dismissed.

Rebecca Musch v. Robert Musch, dismissed.

Dalene M. Lawless v. Dale W. Lawless, dismissed.

Paris Atkins v. Quinton Jones, dismissed.

Henry J. Jones v. Tammy M. Kornegay, dismissed.

Salena L. Johnson v. Darius R. Holcomb, dismissed.

Lindsay Root v. Steven Madsen, dismissed.

Tabitha A. Bingham v. Aaron R. Hartley, dismissed.

Luanne Pierce v. Daniel Lamping, dismissed.

Erica C. Lovell v. Joseph N. Getsy, dismissed.

Hence E. Cheirs v. Tony C. Cheirs, dismissed.

Dale W. Lawless v. Samantha J. Lawless, dismissed.

Bryant K. Ray v. Ann L. Ray, dismissed.

Margaret K. Foor v. Simon P. Foor, dismissed.

Jacqueline M. Cassity v. Angela M. Village, dismissed.

Ryan A. Stevens v. Jessica L. Eckenrod, dismissed.

Christine Morales v. David Morales, dismissed.

Scott Vanpelt v. Ashley Bailey, dismissed.

Walter Colon v. LaQuaya Sutton, dismissed.

Ildiko Studemire v. Wesley A. Studemire, dismissed.

Stevie L. Calhoun v. Davina Ballard, dismissed.

Real estate

Alan B. Warrick et al to Nicholas A. Dragomir Jr., 12th St., Sebring, $10,000.

Thomas Zeyl et al to Nicole M. Cleland, Rainer Trail, Boardman, $84,000.

Amtrust KEO I LLC to Judith Longo Rentals LLC, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, $46,100.

Gheorghe Chivu to Hasan Akkaya, Cedar Way, Youngstown, $115,000.

Michael J. Mousie to Banco Ltd., N. Canfield-Niles Road, Austintown, $55,000.

Elanor Evon to Christopher P. Ilovsky et al, Struthers Road, New Middletown, $85,000.

Cynthia L. Thompson et al to Jacob A. Guidosh et al, Liberty Road, Youngstown, $17,500.

Mark Schrock et al to Laurence N. Rohde, Bears Den Road, Youngstown, $64,500.

Jamie A. Stevens et al to Cecelia E. Gallagher, Berlin Station Road, Berlin Center, $128,000.

Mark S. Campolito to Danielle R. Baird, Greystone Drive, Poland, $225,000.

Bess-Mar Enterprises LLC to Andreas Troumouliaris, Park Drive, Campbell, $93,000.

Daniel A. Farkas et al to James T. Chengelis, Cherrywood Drive, Boardman, $265,000.

Fannie Mae to Chad W. Ellenberger, Hopkins Road, Youngstown, $90,300.

William D. DeCicco et al to Russell T. Howells, Tanglewood Drive, Boardman, $204,000.

Jeffery W. Pandrea et al to Daryl A. Looymans, Penny Lane, Austintown, $95,000.

Bank of America NA v. Federal National Mortgage Association, Meanderwood Drive, Canfield, $174,840.

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